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The robot uses an algorithm, that monitors and evaluates the situation in the market, its speed and power. At the appropriate time, it places pending orders on the market, and then moves them to better prices. It uses a money management with tight StopLoss and other functions. This EA works in all timeframes and in many markets.

A fast ECN broker with minimal fees and precise quotations in points is recommended.


  • MaxTrades - maximum number of trades in the market.
  • Fuzzy index - level of sensitivity of the trade filter. Bigger value = fewer trades.
  • Distance - distance of pending orders in points.
  • MaxSpread - maximum allowable size of spread.
  • Lot - volume of trade in lots.
  • Risk % - automatic calculation of a lot by size of SL.
  • TP – take profit.
  • SL – stop loss.
  • SL on BE - moves SL to the opening price of the trade, when this profit in points is reached.
  • TrailingSL - moves SL in this distance behind price.
  • TrailingSL_Step - moves SL in this step.
  • Magic - identification number of trades.
  • comment - trade comment.
Daniel Strebel
2018.02.12 12:16   

Fuzzytron runs in the backtest with different currencies, brokers, Spred, times always super. Have it run live with Roboforex, Activdrades, ICMarket etc 100 percent loss from the account. So I threw $ 1280 into the wind.

The tips from the author have unfortunately not helped. His statement "have a problem with slippage or increasing spread or speed of broker reaction". See Discussions.