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ForexArum Patterns

If you want to add a pattern indicator to confirm the market movement you are in the right place, this indicator permit to detect some famous candle patterns Hammer, Inverted Hammer, Shooting Star, Hanging Man and Engulfing patter that can be highlighted on your chart once the patters occurs.

Up, Down arrows are traced at the beginning of the new bar each time a pattern is detected.


  • Body to Bar Fraction (%): the body size / the candle size (20% by default)
  • Max Little Tail Fraction (%) : the little Tail size / the candle size (5% by default)
  • Bullish Arrow Color: the color of the bullish arrow
  • Bearish Arrow Color: the color of the bearish arrow
  • Mobile Notification : activate sending push notification to mobile terminals (Metatrader configuration required)
  • Email Notification : activate sending email notification (Metatrader configuration required)
  • Receiver Email: the receiver email.
  • Hammer: activate Hammer pattern scan.
  • Inverted Hammer: activate Inverted Hammer pattern scan.
  • Shooting Star: activate Shooting Star pattern scan.
  • Hanging Man: activate Hanging Man pattern scan.
  • Engulfing: activate Engulfing pattern scan.

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