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Deals Utility is designed to manage any opened and pending order. It can handle orders by adding SL/TP, Trailing or Breakeven.

How to use

Apply this Utility to any chart and set input parameters at your discretion. When you open any Market or Pending order, this utility adds SL/TP immediately. It will not process any order with magic number, so other EA's can work with this.

It will manage Forex, Metal and Energy symbols. Other EA's can work with this because it will not handle any order with magic number.

Input Parameters

  • TakeProfit - Take profit In Pips
  • StopLoss - Stop Loss In Pips
  • UseCloseAtProfit - If False it's disabled
  • CloseAtProfit - Closing profit orders in account currency
  • UseCloseAtLoss - If False it's disabled
  • CloseAtLoss - It will close all trades at specified loss in account currency
  • UseBreakEven - If False it's disabled
  • BreakEvenStart - After how many pips breakeven take start
  • BreakEvenStep - Breakeven step in pips
  • UseTrailing - If False it's disabled
  • TrailingStart - After how many pips trailing will take start
  • TrailingStep - Trailing steps in pips
  • 1Step TP Changer - If True it will change TP in all pending/opened orders
  • 1Step SL Changer - If true it will change SL in all pending/opened orders
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