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Proton Trend

Determining the current trend is one of the most important tasks for a trader regardless of their trading style. The Proton Trend indicator can help traders do it.

Proton Trend is a trend determining indicator, which uses an original calculation algorithm. The indicator is suitable for any currency pair and timeframe. It does not change its readings.

Indicator parameters

  • Main Settings:
    • HistoryBars - number of bars for display.
    • SlowPeriod - slow variable period.
    • FastPeriod - fast variable period.
    • Shift - shifty of indicator values.
  • Alert Settings:
    • Alerts - if true, alert is enabled.
    • AOnCurrent - if 'false', alert is activated at a new bar opening, if 'true', alert is activated on the current one.
    • AMessage - display a dialog window.
    • ASound - generate a sound alert.
    • AEmail - send an email at the address specified in the Email tab of the options window.
    • ANotificaton - send notification to mobile terminals.
    • soundfile - the name of the audio file.
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