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Divergence Convergence for indicators

This indicator builds divergence/convergence for any selected indicator.

You can add your own indicator with its custom settings to the code for free.

The indicator has two basic line drawing methods (**):

  1. Peak search on fractals without waiting the closure of the wave (MODE = each_bar_peak)
  2. Wave search for peaks after crossing the "ZERO line" of the indicator (e.g., "zero line" for RSI = 50.0) (MODE = WAVE_bar_peak)

Basic settings include 17 standard indicators included in MT4 terminal, to which you can add any of your indicators for free.

The indicator has a built-in alarm in case a signal appears.

Standard indicators included in the settings (indicator number (*)):

  1. AC (Accelerator Oscillator) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  2. AD (Accumulation/Distribution) (MODE = each_bar_peak)
  3. ADX (Average Directional Movement Index) by MAIN LINE (MODE = each_bar_peak)
  4. ATR (Average True Range) (MODE = each_bar_peak)
  5. AO (Awesome oscillator) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  6. BearsPower // (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  7. BullsPower // (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  8. CCI (Commodity Channel Index) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  9. DeMarker (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  10. Force Index (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  11. Momentum (MODE = each_bar_peak)
  12. OsMA (Moving Average of Oscillator) (MODE =each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  13. MACD (Moving Averages Convergence/Divergence) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  14. RSI (Relative Strength Index) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  15. RVI (Relative Vigor Index) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  16. StdDev (Standard Deviation) (MODE = each_bar_peak)
  17. Stochastic (Stochastic Oscillator) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)
  18. WPR (Larry Williams Percent Range) (MODE = each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak)

Main Indicator Settings

Section 1

  • Ind_MODE - number of the indicator (*), for which divergence/convergence is calculated

... followed by enumeration of all indicators with their individual settings (MODE_0, MODE_1, ...).

Section 2

  • MODE - the type of construction of divergence / convergence (described above (**)). each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak
  • language - notification language.
  • Bar_Limit_calc - the number of bars from the current one for calculations.
  • MaxBars - the maximum number of bars between the peaks.
  • MinBars - the minimum number of bars between the peaks.
  • Indicator_fractal - bars to construct the indicator fractal. Number of bars spaced from the top.
  • Price_fractal - bars to construct the price fractal. Number of bars spaced from the top.
  • DC_Down - the bottom line color.
  • DC_Up - the top line color.
  • Global_Variables - enable data output concerning the last line to the global variable of the terminal (for an Expert Advisor).

Section 3

  • use_Sound - sound notification.
  • Music_name - sound file name.
  • Use_Alert - data window.
  • Use_Mail - e-mail notification.
  • Use_Mobile - notification to the mobile terminal.
  • Audio_notification - audio alert of the signal arrival.

Before launching the indicator, you should install the indicator selected in the settings (Ind_MODE = ...). The installed indicator, in its turn, should have the settings selected in MODE_ ... subsection. MultiIndiDC (Divergence Convergence for indicators) indicator should be launched aftterwards.

If you have an indicator which you want to add, just write about that in the Comments.

roma79 2017.03.31 07:33 

Бесполезный индикатор, согласен с предыдущим отзывом

Richard Caughell
Richard Caughell 2015.10.05 17:55 

Solid indicator with lots of options, helping to find when zones get broken. Showing weakness or strength. Along with candle patters, chart patterns, supply/demand.

The more tools the better and this one is on top of that list.

Alexander is a great developer and very easy to work with.

Gshcherbak 2015.03.08 14:38 

добавьте индикатор OsHMA


ну наконец-то добавили. спасибо, пойду проверять

BetterNBetter 2015.02.19 21:30 

Indicator is highly optimized and does what is says . It need some trading experience to enter trade at right support/resistance level . It can easily be used as powerful toll for your existing system . Very neat program doesn't crash and overload system.Overall five star .

Keep up good work !

Best Wishes ..

Olivier Nomblot
Olivier Nomblot 2015.01.19 14:43 

Nice Array of Indicators!

Alexey Sotsky
Alexey Sotsky 2015.01.11 07:05 

отлично пашет!

и индюк кинуть свой мона. спс.

идем эксперта писать.

ingensi 2014.08.27 14:06 

Очень хороший индикатор.

Почему? В своей области применения "Divergence Convergence for indicators" практически всеобъемлющий,

в том числе, благодаря нам, покупателям. Сколько уже индикаторов-доноров дивергенций,24,25?

Про конвергенции не пишу - слово длинное.)

Самое главное "Divergence Convergence for indicators" позволяет нам думать. Дает нам возможность

быть вовлеченными в процесс созидания. Вариантов множество: от подбора периода своего индикатора до

комбинирования и сравнения дивергенций от N количества индикаторов.

А это идея, это может сработать!

wanaka правильно сказал. Наши бабушки знают много и больше нас. Про королей и капусту, про дивергенцию

и обыкновенное хамство. Но не про лай на ветер. Этот алгоритм wanaka довел до совершенства.

С уважением,


Michael Young
Michael Young 2014.04.11 19:46 

This simple indicator is wonderful if you use CDC (Convergence, Divergence, & Congruence ) in your trading strategies. CDC indicator really helps you to see a change in the direction in price action of the Forex market place.

Alex's wonderful CDC indicator has to be set up, in conjunction with your indicators that you use on your charts.

It was simple install once Alex sent me some screen shots of what to do. Basically it was as simple as adding assigned number of your indicator into correct indicator location in his program. If you look in the comment files you can figure it out. It looks like he also has written this program with a lot of diversity so you can make some simple changes to the look and feel also. But I have yet to experiment with it. Alex also sent me some extra installs so i can install it on more than one broker MT4 platform.

Gratefully Thanks Alex

All the best and much success in life

Mike Young (Alaska)


Alex responded very quickly to my questions with some nice screen shots of what to do. I would highly recommend him and this indicator.

wanaka 2014.03.14 15:03 

Бесполезный индикатор. У меня бабушка лучше дивергенцию определяет. Деньги на ветер. Может когда-нибудь автор доведет алгоритм до ума. но пока полный неуд.

Useless indicator, wasted money

Version 2.21 - 2017.01.26
added the Oscillator_3TF_IND indicator (at the request of Olegich)
Version 2.20 - 2016.11.09
Added indicator R1 (arevo on request)
Version 2.19 - 2016.11.04
1) added functionality CENTER_LINE = "with Center Line each_bar_peak" \ CENTER_LINE = "without Center Line each_bar_peak"
when MODE = "each_bar_peak" - you can choose to use a central line for filtering signals or not, an example in the comments with screenshots

2) added indicator OBV_for_Homebase (by request of homebase)

3) added indicator MFI (Money Flow Index) (by request of iestafalcon)

4) added indicator buffer containing the type of divergence (1 = class A (buy) 11 = class A (buy) 2 = class A (sell) 22 = class B (sell))
Version 2.18 - 2016.02.08
Added check restriction at large breaks in history.
Version 2.17 - 2016.01.04
Updated resources for the new version of the terminal.
Version 2.16 - 2015.12.23
Use_RENKO=true (section_M) - when loading RENCO-bars on the chart (plotted by Period_Converter.mq4 or others) it is required to enable this option
Version 2.15 - 2015.11.09
Added indicator (from Andrey Korotkov)
Version 2.14 - 2015.10.05
Added indicator COGSxS_Cumulative_Volume_v1 (by request Richard Caughell)
Version 2.13 - 2015.06.16
Added the AwesomeMod indicator at the request of vincenzoec
Version 2.12 - 2015.05.08
Added indicator Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) at the request of pipitgoodbaby.
Version 2.11 - 2015.03.16
1) Added the restriction for the calculation of bars Bar_Limit_calc = 1000 (section_M), the number of bars for the calculation.

2) Added indicator OsHMA / EntropyMathMCD at the request of gshcherbak.

3) Line calculation mode selection changed to the drop down list each_bar_peak / WAVE_bar_peak.

4) Added the audio alert of a new signal arrival Audio_notification = true.
Version 2.10 - 2015.01.29
Fixed drawing of lines after you restart the terminal
Version 2.9 - 2015.01.21
Fixed drawing lines after large time gaps. Changed the work of global variables.
Version 2.8 - 2014.08.27
Added indicator S-RoC_mod (at the request of ingensi).
Version 2.7 - 2014.08.05
Added OBV indicator (by request from COGSx86)
Version 2.6 - 2014.07.09
Added 2 new indicators at the request of Sutobio: MACD_d6y (Ind_MODE = 22), and RSI_d6f (Ind_MODE = 23). Indicators are available in "Comments" section.
Version 2.5 - 2014.05.23
Added indicators DI and freescalpingindicator at the request of Michael J. Zuelke.
Indicators are available in the "Comments".
Version 2.4 - 2014.04.21
Added indicator cc_Divergence at the request of Andrew Sigitov (poker).
The indicator is available in the comments section.
Version 2.3 - 2014.03.05
- Fixed bug "finding indicator VZO_Alert_1_01" - through resources.
- Added ability to draw lines without the presence of the VZO_Alert_1_01 on the chart.
Version 2.2 - 2014.03.03
1. Added indicator buffer. 0 - for buys, 1 - for sells.
2. Added a short description to the settings window of the indicator.
3. Added indicator VZO_Alert_1_01 (by Christina Li. Copyright Rick Caughell) upon the request from COGSx86.