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Balance Curve

This indicator is useful for validating the performance of live trading accounts, be it a manual strategy or for checking if the expert advisor is performing similar to back-test. It takes data from the account's trading history to calculate the following statistics about the trading performance:

  • Balance curve graph.
  • Number of trades performed.
  • Profit factor: Gross profit divided by gross loss.
  • Expected profit: Average profit per trade.
  • Win-rate: Percentage of trades that where closed with a positive outcome.
  • Current draw-down: How much % of the account was lost since the last equity peak.
  • Maximal draw-down: Largest % of account lost during worst draw-down period.

Parameters Description

  • Use history from
    • All symbols: Use data from all assets at the calculations. The graph plotted under this option has a starting point equal to the account's starting balance, displaying the account's balance graph itself.
    • This symbol: Perform the calculations with data only from the chart in which the indicator is opened at. The graph plotted under this option has a starting point equal to 0 instead of the starting balance, displaying a graph from the profit on that asset.
  • Graph spacing: Determines how many candles each point should be apart from each other, enabling the user to adjust the width of the graph to a pleasing size.
  • Show initial balance line: If true, display a straight horizontal line across the graph indicating the initial balance.
  • Show text: If true, display text with statistical data.
  • Text size: Font size for the text.
  • Text spacing: Vertical spacing between each text line, each line corresponding to a different statistic.
  • Text Color: Color used to display the text.
  • Text X offset: Horizontal text padding from the left border of the window.
  • Text Y offset: Vertical text padding from the top border of the window.


  1. For optimal functioning of the indicator it's desirable to set the Meta trader's "Account History" tab to show "All history", since indicators can access only the history data displayed on this tab.
  2. This indicator is not supposed to work at the strategy tester, due to the way meta trader handles history during testing.
  3. If the account has no entry at it's trade history, no graph nor statistics will be drawn since it has no data to work with.
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