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Andrews Pitchfork Channels

Andrews Pitchfork channels is a triple trend channel tool consisting of three lines. In the middle, there is a median trend line on both sides that has two parallel equidistant trend lines.

These lines are usually drawn by selecting three points based on the heights moving from left to right on the response heights or graphs. As with the normal trend lines and channels, the outward trend lines mark potential support and resistance areas.

  • Trend_period - the period setting to be calculated is done from here.
  • Trend_1 - color setting for Trend 1
  • Trend_2 - Color setting of Trend 2
  • Main_Trend - The main trend color setting
  • Main_Trend_Width - the main trend width setting
  • DrawVLine - Indicates the period start line.
  • VLine_Color - Period initial color setting.
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