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Price Lines Indicator

The Price Lines Indicator (PLI) indicator places the upper and lower signal lines on the price chart. Once these lines are reached, a corresponding audio notification will be generated. The notification can be in the form of a simple alert, and as a sound alert with custom audio file.


  • Width Alert Line - the width of signal lines on the price chart.
  • Line Distance - the distance in points form the current price, at which signal lines should be created.
  • Upper Alert - the upper signal line.
  • Upper Price Line Color - the color of the upper signal line.
  • Lower Alert - the lower signal line.
  • Lower Price Line Color - the color of the lower signal line.
  • Sound Alarm - playing a custom audio file when the price crosses signal lines.
  • File Name - the name of the audio file as "***.wav". The file should be added to the Sounds folder of the terminal.

Note: to stop playing of a sound file, you can install to the terminal an additional script Sound Stop from the list of products and run it when the sound is to be stopped.

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Version 1.1 2018.08.18
Added interaction of the indicator with a free additional script, which, when executed, adds the required signal lines on the current chart.