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Arbitrage Analyzer

Arbitrage Analyzer indicator lets you export price data from one MetaTrader 4 and import the exported data in another or same MetaTrader 4 (different instrument) in order to find past arbitrage opportunities between instruments of your choice and display statistics for hypothetical trades. You can apply custom take profit and stop loss levels to trades and set minimum gap for entry.

Indicator is designed to get statistics and let you find the most profitable settings for cryptocurrency arbitrage, but it can be also used to analyze anything from highly correlated Forex pairs to Futures and Commodities.


  • Plots imported price data on the current chart in Import Data & Analyze Trades mode.
  • Plots trades on the chart (entries, exits, profit and loss).
  • Displays detailed statistics of past trades.


  • OPEN TRADES: quantity of active signals.
  • LONGS: quantity of active buy signals.
  • SHORTS: quantity of active sell signals.
  • SIGNALS: quantity of past (expired) signals.
  • POSITIVE SIGNALS: quantity of profitable past (expired) signals.
  • TOTAL PIPS: quantity of pips from all past signals.
  • POSITIVE %: percentage of profitable signals.


  • mode: Export Data or Import Data & Analyze Trades.
  • maxTimeBackInHistory For Data Export: date limit to export price data (in Export Data mode), sometimes required because too old prices may be distorted with certain brokers.
  • Minimum Price Difference To Enter Markets: minimum price gap in points for Market entry.
  • Stop Loss Points: user defined fixed stop loss to use for statistical analysis.
  • Take Profit Points: user defined fixed take profit to use for statistical analysis.
  • Buy Signal Color: color for buy signal's arrow.
  • Sell Signal Color: color for sell signal's arrow.
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