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The Flying Galender

The Flying Galender is an automated trading system designed for working with more that 20 pairs. A certain algorithm is used in trading. This is a trend-based robot, which tries to find the most favorable areas for entering the market, and then opens orders.

It also features the ability to filter significant news and a module to stop trading during high-impact news releases.

The trading system does not use: averaging, the principle of order grid construction, hedging. Only order may be open per pair.

You can select more effective parameters in the process of trading.


  • Url - link to monitor the news from the investing.com site.
  • TypeEnter - order type.
  • Risk - automated calculation per deal.
  • Lots - custom volume of trade positions.
  • Indent - distance from the price to place limit orders.
  • StopLoss - maximum allowed loss level.
  • TakeProfit - maximum profit value.
  • SpreadMax - maximum allowed spread for opening positions.
  • StartTime - time to start trading.
  • StopTime - time to stop trading.
  • StopTimeFri - time to stop trading on Friday.
  • Comments - comments to orders.
  • Magic - unique magic number of orders.
  • Filling - type of order execution by the broker.
  • ProcessingNews - enable processing news.
  • ShowNewsSymbol - show news for the symbol.
  • ProcessingSymbol - process news for the given symbol.
  • ShowNewsLowVolatility - show low-impact news.
  • ShowNewsAverageVolatility - show medium-impact news.
  • ShowNewsHighVolatility - show high-impact news.
  • ProcessingNewsLowVolatility - process low-impact news.
  • ProcessingNewsAverageVolatility - process medium-impact news.
  • ProcessingNewsHighVolatility - process high-impact news.
  • BeforeNewsTime - the number of minutes before the news release to disable trading.
  • AfterNewsTime - the number of minutes after the news release to disable trading.
  • ClosePositionBeforeNews - close positions before news releases.
  • ClosePositionBeforeNewsTime - the number of minutes before the news release to close positions.
  • DeleteLimitOrderBeforeNews - delete limit orders before the news release.
  • DeleteLimitOrderBeforeNewsTime - the number of minutes before the news release to delete limit orders.
  • NameBase - name of the graphical object.
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