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News trading has never been so easy and convenient.

If you are a fan of news trading but have not found an appropriate tool yet, then NewsTradeMaster is exactly what you need.

All important news on major currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD) are displayed straight on appropriate charts of your terminal as vertical lines. The title of the news is shown when you hover the cursor over a line. Click on the desired news, and NewsTradeMaster will trade it in accordance with the configured strategy. Don't want to continue trading? Click on the news again and the EA will stop trading it.

Do you want to trade manually? No problem, use buttons on the chart - their functionality is designed specifically for news trading.

Open Stops - opens two opposite pending orders with specified parameters;

B Stop, S Stop - opens one pending order with specified parameters;

Buy, Sell - opens a market order with specified parameters;

Mod - modifies pending orders;

Close - closes all orders and trades on the chart.

The news to display can be filtered based on their importance.

Important note:

- For the news to be displayed on charts, add the https://www.mql5.com site to the list of allowed URLs (Main Menu -> Tools -> Options, "Expert Advisors" tab)

- The EA works with any quotes, but all parameters are adjusted in standard points, i.e. 4-digit quotes.

This product cannot be tested in strategy tester. To understand how the EA works, download NewsTradeMaster Lite. It is a limited version, in which you cannot configure distance for placing and modifying pending orders since the orders are standard.

Input Parameters

  • Importance of Low - enable/disable low impact news;
  • Importance of Medium - enable/disable medium impact news;
  • Importance of High - enable/disable high impact news;
  • Line style - choose style for the news lines;
  • Direction - direction of pending orders;
  • Time Before Open - how many seconds before a news release the pending orders will be placed;
  • Time Before Modify - how many seconds before a news release modification of pending orders will start (modified at each tick until the news release);
  • Time After - pending order lifetime if none of the two orders triggered; after that time the pending orders are deleted;
  • Lot size, 0 - considered as Risk percent - lot size, if 0 calculated as Risk percent;
  • Distance to open Stop-orders, 0 - does not work - distance of stop orders opening, not used if 0;
  • Modification of the Distance, 0 - does not work - distance modification, not used if 0;
  • Stop Loss;
  • Take Profit;
  • Magic;
  • Risk percent - risk percentage of the deposit;
  • Trailing Stop, 0 - does not work - trailing stop, not used if 0;
  • Trailing Step, 0 - does not work - trailing step;
  • Slippage control - slippage control;
  • Breakeven, 0 - does not work - level of breakeven triggering, not used if 0;
  • Breakeven plus - breakeven plus.
Attention: if you are new to news trading and want to faster understand what and how to do, how to work with news, pm me after purchasing this EA, and I will be happy to help you.
Pavel Bobrovskiy
Pavel Bobrovskiy 2018.08.22 07:54 

работает в убыток

kossian1963 2018.06.07 21:52 

Отличный советник! Хорошо отрабатывает заданные настройки.

Совет начинающим трейдерам:

1. Найдите брокера, который может дать нормальную ликвидность на новостях.

2. Торгуйте только новости, которые дают максимальный импульс.

3. Обязательно контролируйте риск на каждую сделку.