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This robot evaluates the market situation with five indicators and candle formations. Performs a backward analysis according to which it adjusts the setting of indicators for the next period. In the event of unfavorable development, it opens next trade at a better price when a new input signal.

The first trade is managed according to the set functions. More open trades will be closed together in the All TP profit.

The default settings is for EURUSD M30 but it can also be used for other pairs and other TFs. With a starting capital of 500 USD, it is recommended to trade 0.02 Lot. The recommended broker is ECN with a point quotes. Recommended currency pairs are EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY.


  • Trading TimeFrame - Timeframe for signal calculation.
  • MaxSpread - Maximum spread size when opening a trade.
  • MaxTrades - Maximum number of open trades.
  • Lot - The basic trade volume.
  • Lot+ - Increase the trade volume in the set profit.
  • Lot+ /step profit - In this profit increase the trade volume.
  • Lot+ /max.Lot - Maximum trade volume for Lot +.
  • MinDistance - The minimum distance of next trade.
  • LotMultiply - Multiplication the volume of next trade.
  • All TP - When is opened more trades, all close in this profit in pips.
  • Use Multipair TP - Activate the function Multipair TP. This function monitors trades on the entire account and closes one profitable and one loss-making trade to make the total profit according to the All TP setting. Other conditions should be met.
  • Multipair Magic prefix - Multipair TP function monitors trades with this Magic prefix.
  • Allclose in profit - Close all trades at this profit level.
  • Allclose in loss - Close all trades at this loss.
  • TP1 Lot % - Close part of the trade, in % trade volume.
  • TP1, 0=Off - Close part of the trade, in this profit in pips.
  • TP2 - Target Profit.
  • SL - Stop Loss.
  • TPonBE - Move TP to the opening price, in this loss in pips.
  • SLonBE - Move SL to the opening price, in this profit in pips.
  • BEplus - for TPonBE and SLonBE, opening price plus profit in pips.
  • TrailingSL - Trailing SL in this distance in pips.
  • Panel Y pos - Position of the info panel from the top.
  • Panel X pos - Position of the info panel from the side.
  • Panel side - Position of the info panel on the chart.
  • PanelSize % - Size of info panel.
  • Magic - Trades identification number.
  • comment - Comment to trades.
Igor Holko
2017.12.05 12:58 

EA is working good as on signal or in Strategy tester. Drawdown could be up to 500 USD for each pair but to start with 3 pairs from 1000 USD is quite safetly.