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Ultimate USDCAD

The Ultimate USDCAD Expert Advisor is an automated system that fully controls the process of trading, requiring no interference from the trader.

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Advantages of the Ultimate USDCAD EA:

  1. It does not use risky trading methods: martingale, averaging, grid, night scalping.
  2. It consists of a set of various strategies, which makes the trading more diversified and secure.
  3. Every trade is protected by stop-loss.
  4. This Expert Advisor can be used with any broker.
  5. The period of optimization and testing is more than 4.5 years. Our team will regularly maintain the relevance of the parameters and update the EA as needed.
  6. Testing and optimization have been carried out using real ticks (99% modeling quality), with commission per lot added in order to make the testing results as close to live trading results as possible.
  7. The Ultimate USDCAD EA is easy to use and has only one external parameter RiskPercent designed for risk management.

To start effectively trading on your account, follow three simple steps:

  1. Download the Ultimate USDCAD Expert Advisor, backtest it on history data and see the quality of trading.
  2. Pay for the rent or purchase. Please, keep in mind that after 3 sales of the full version of the EA, all prices will be doubled.
  3. Run the Expert Advisor on your account.

Trading parameters:

  1. It is recommended to use a minimum deposit of 1000 USD.
  2. Select the USDCAD symbol for trading.
  3. You can use any timeframe, this will not affect the results.
  4. It is recommended to run the EA on a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to ensure a stable connection to the Internet and power, because the EA manages trades are therefore requires constant access to the account.

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