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ScalpingProMt5 is a new indicator for professional traders. The indicator is a ready-made scalping strategy. The algorithm calculates a micro trend, then searches for price roll-backs and forms a short-term trading signal according to the market price.

The indicator consists of a data window and a graphical signal on the chart in the form of an up or down arrow. The data window displays the current trading symbol, spread and appropriate trader's actions: WAIT, SELL and BUY.


  • the indicator is a self-sufficient trading system
  • works with any trade symbols
  • works on any timeframes: M1 ... MN
  • does not duplicate repeated signals
  • only the current signal is displayed, previous signals are removed from the chart and not considered when calculating a new signal


  • x1 - horizontal binding coordinates of the indicator data window to the upper left chart corner
  • y1 - vertical binding coordinates of the indicator data window to the upper left chart corner
  • alert - enable/disable the alert signal (enabled by default).
  • ColorBuy - up arrow (buy signal) color
  • ColorSell - down arrow (sell signal) color

Recommendations on working with the indicator

  1. For scalping, M5 or M15 timeframe is recommended, although M15 is better.
  2. Select a trading symbol with an increased volatility.
  3. The indicator info window displays the current spread. Keep this in mind and select the least spread when performing a trade.
  4. Exclude trading time before and after the release of important news.
  5. Exclude trading time when passing from one trade session to another.
  6. When using this indicator, wait for the signal to appear and open a trade in its direction immediately. Note: The signal is triggered only for the time of one current candle and removed when a new candle appears, although this does not cancel the effect of the previous signal.
  7. I recommend closing a trade showing the minimum profit during scalping.
  8. Set a stop loss depending on the market situation or use a fixed value.

You can use the free AllClosedMt5 utility to automatically track your open positions.

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