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YPY EA Immortalis Elite MT5

YPY EA Immortalis ELITE MT5 is a multi-currency trading robot for efficient management of large capital (above $25K), which uses a complex of several thousand virtual strategies and performing automatic trading with real Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.

For diversification, the EA uses a portfolio of independent strategies, including trading in short-term and long-term trends, trading based on strong levels. The EA trades all these strategies at a virtual scope, aggregating virtual orders into real orders opened on the account. You can read about the aggregation in the blog.

This trading system used a gradual dynamic lot in trading, but with various limitations and forced closures. This is fundamentally different from the martingale system, since this expert will not wait forever for the price to roll back and will always strictly limit losses.

The "ELITE" version of the YPY EA Immortalis robot is recommended for multi-currency trading with the following instruments: GBPUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, AUDUSD, AUDCAD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, XAUUSD. Timeframe: М15

For deposits less than $25K you can use the "PRO" version. Information about the differences in versions can be found on the developer's website.

Monitoring of the developer's signals

Key Features

  1. Fully automated trading
  2. Optimization is not required
  3. Easy to use, no needless settings
  4. Protective real stop loss and take profit levels
  5. Additional protection against abnormal movements of the market price

Description of the Main Expert Advisor Settings

  • TradeMode = Trade/Pausetrade/Stoptrade:
    • Trade - trading mode.
    • Pausetrade - when this mode is enabled, the trading complex continues maintaining existing orders without looking for new entry points in order to progressively complete the trading on the account.
    • Stoptrade - when this mode is enabled, the trading complex immediately completes the trading by closing all of its orders.
  • AutoMM - system for automatic calculation of lot size based on the free equity, taking the deposit currency into account.
    • Extreme/High/Medium/Low/Minimum - risk levels.

Closing the EA orders in any other way is prohibited, as well as the transfer of the EA to another terminal without the files it creates in the MQL5\Files folder.

  • VirtualLot - Auto (the size of the virtual lot is calculated based on the equity) / Fixed (allows you to fix the size of the virtual lot to value of the initial equity in the strategy tester).
  • MaxOpenOrders - limit the maximum number of open real order on the account for the virtual liquidity aggregator.
  • FIFO - enable (ON) or disable (OFF) compliance with FIFO rules.
  • TradeBestDeals - enable (ON) or disable (OFF) trading only the best deals.
  • ProtectiveSL - Small (ratio of TP to SL is 1:1/10) / Large (ratio of TP to SL is 1:1).
  • MaxDrawdown - maximum total equity drawdown of all orders in the deposit currency. When this drawdown is reached, all orders on all instruments are closed (trading will be resumed on the next trading day).
  • GMTOffset - users are required to enter the actual shift of the trade server relative to GMT in hours.
  • MinLeverage - minimum leverage required for opening new orders.
  • MinMarginLevel - minimum margin level of the account as a percentage, which is required for opening new orders.
  • Slippage - maximum allowed slippage when opening orders.
  • Magic - order magic number.
  • comment - order comment.


  1. Testing, determining risks and instruments used for each new version of the EA is up to the user.
  2. The EA uses explicit control of bar opening.
  3. The EA should be attached to charts of each traded instrument individually.
  4. The product complies with FIFO.
  5. Requirements for the trading conditions:
    • Any broker and any account type.
    • Recommended leverage is 1:100 and higher.
    • Recommended deposit is $25K and above.
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Version 22.9 - 2018.02.15
Significantly increased the efficiency of trading (by approximately 30-50%) while maintaining the same risk levels.
Optimized the code in order to increase the reliability and/or to improve the operation speed of various blocks of the trading system.
Performed additional adaptation of the EA to the trading conditions of various brokers.
Version 22.6 - 2017.12.20
Optimized for the new terminal build.
Version 22.1 - 2017.12.06
Added the ability to automatically modify the protective stop loss levels in order to improve the testing speed in the strategy tester using the "Open prices only" mode
Version 22.0 - 2017.11.30
Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market. Significantly increased effectiveness and frequency of trading.
Version 21.1 - 2017.11.21
Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.

Added support for additional instrument - AUDCAD

The new version is recommended for use on the following instruments: GBPUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, AUDUSD, USDCAD, NZDUSD, AUDCAD, XAUUSD. TimeFrame: M15

This new version features a multi-currency portfolio of strategies, assembled using a special technology for the ELITE modification, which has the following distinctive features:

1. reduced stagnation period of the entire portfolio

2. increased percentage of profitable trades

3. increased profit factor of the entire portfolio

4. minimum correlation of the used strategies relative to each other

5. the trading system now trades less often due to the requirement of more optimal conditions for making trades

Added support for the new feature "Safe StopLevel" (ratio of TP to SL is 1:1/10), which allows using a real protective stop loss level ten times smaller.

This allows reducing the losses by 10 times in case of disconnection from the trading server or broker, and also in case of strong anomalous price fluctuations.

This feature is active by default, it can be adjusting using the new parameter ProtectiveSL=Small (ratio of TP to SL is 1:1/10)/Large (ratio of TP to SL is 1:1)
Version 19.0 - 2017.11.08
Performed global update of all virtual strategies for all instruments in order to adapt the EA to the current market.