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Uni Scalper

Uni Scalper unifies trend trading and scalping. It trades fully automatic EURUSD, GBPUSD and EURGBP. Though working in M5 chart, orders are opened when a new hour starts, when unforeseeable heavy price moves are rare. Therefore, the StopLoss can be small. Only if the price move in the preceding hour was strong an order is opened. Uni Scalper earns on a small reversal when a new significant low or high is reached or goes with the trend when a significant price level like a former high or low is in reach - as those levels often attract like a magnet.

Uni Scalper doesn't need a super fast internet connection like many other scalpers, but the spread should be low. No set file needed, no grid, no martingale, every order with stop loss.

(For a correct backtest in M5 chart the D1 chart must also be open - the EA takes data from it)


  • UTC - timezone setting of broker. The default set UTC=2 means London time+2.
  • Lots - lots for each opened trade if not Autolots.
  • AutoLots - automatic lot size.
  • MiniLots - if set to true, automatic money management works in steps of 0.01 lot.
  • MaximumRisk - how much % of account free margin is set to risk for each trade.
  • StopLossBuy - distance of stop loss from order open price in points for buy orders.
  • StopLossSell - the distance of stop loss from order open price in points for sell orders.
  • HourStart - hour when the EA starts opening orders.
  • HourStop - hour when the EA stops opening orders.
  • HourFriClose - to avoid open positions over the weekend, hour when the EA closes open orders on Fridays (disabled if set to 24 or higher).
  • MinuteFriClose - minute when the EA closes open orders on Fridays.
  • magic - magic number.
Tomy Taiyaki
2018.01.20 07:59 

Very Bad

2017.11.26 06:55 

The live trading results are still nowhere near the back test results even with the author using latest upgrade, Ver 1.5. With the average loss being double the size of the average win the downward spiral continues and clearly it's now time to put this one on the scrap heap. I can't understand why some developers would put out a product without first testing on their live account. It seems we are meant to be used as guinea pigs and must pay firstly for the EA and thereafter for a string of losses. Seems more than a little dishonest to me

Saya pann
2017.11.15 23:05 

Wasted and lost my hard earned capital.

Mark Vaines
2017.11.15 09:58 

if i could give it no stars i would see comments in description for overview. If the performance improves of course i will alter the review

Version 2.41 - 2018.01.17
Notification added if AccountFreeMargin is too small for lotsize
Version 2.1 - 2017.12.14
Fixed minor bugs.
Version 2.0 - 2017.12.05
Backtesting result improved in EURUSD M5 chart.
Version 1.4 - 2017.11.22
Backtesting result improved in EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP M5 chart.