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MA HighLow

The EA is based on price crossing the High or Low of a Moving Average.

Price cross above the high moving average a buy position will be opened if all other criteria is met and vice versa for sell.

The EA works on all time frames and on all currency pairs.

The EA can be configured to act as a scalping, swing trade or as a trend trading EA with various filters.

The EA contains three profit taking options, nine stop loss management options, two trade filters and two time filters options.

Input parameters

  1. Close on Opposite - Close open trade on opposite signal
  2. Magic Number - You can run multiple strategies of the same pair on the same platform by changing the magic number.
  3. Lot Size - Choose up to six positions to be opened separated by comma. 0.2,0.1,0.1 - Total of 0.40 lots.
  4. Take Profit - Set a fixed take profit in pips.
  5. Basket Take Profit (pips) - EA will close all open trades once the collective target pips is reached.
  6. Basket Take Profit ($$) - EA will close all trades once the collective dollar amount in profit is reached.
  7. Stop Loss - Set a fixed Stop Loss.
  8. Custom Stop Loss Mode - There are 3 Custom stop loss options
    1. MA High/Low - Stop will trail Price based on the Entry MA setting. For a Buy position the stop will follow below the Low moving average and above the High moving average for a sell plus selected buffer.
    2. Last Swing High/Low - Stop will trail price behind the pre selected candle and candle buffer to form the swing low in that range.
    3. Moving Average - Stop will follow price via the selected moving average setting.
  9. Custom Stop Loss Buffer - Buffer/Padding between stop and stop loss setting.
  10. Swing Candles Back - Number of candles back from price you want the custom stop to be monitored.
  11. Swing Time Frame - The time frame you want the custom stop to be monitored.
  12. Basket Stop Loss (pips) - EA will close all open trades once the collective stop loss pips is reached.
  13. Basket Stop Loss ($$) - EA will close all trades once the collective dollar amount in loss is reached.
  14. Trailing Stop (pips) - Standard trailing stop option.
  15. Use Custom SL Trailing - Need to be set to true if you are using the Custom Stop Loss Mode.
  16. Break Even (pips) - Works on all stop loss functions.
  17. Breakeven Lock (pips) - Pips you want to lock in once break even is triggered.
  18. Slippage - Slippage is more likely to occur when volatility is high, perhaps due to news events, resulting in an order being impossible to execute at the desired price. Maximum slippage in pips permissible before trade is executed.
  19. Max Candle Size - This unique function can be enabled to prevent the EA from entering on the close of the candle if price has moved significantly. Example: on a 5 min candle you do not want to enter on the close of the candle if market moved 100 pips.
  20. Volatility candle - This unique function allows you to enter the market mid candle which is great in volatile market conditions so you do not have to wait for the candle close.
  21. Trendline Name - Rename trendline to match a trendline drawn on the chart to exit your trade
  22. Money Management - If set to true it will over ride the lot selection at point number 3. Select Risk exposure and up to 6 positions. 1,2,1,1,0.5 - Total percentage risk is 5.5%.
  23. Time filter - Options to select certain times to trade - Default set for 24Hr trading.
  24. MA1 - Moving Average (Entry) - Default set to 25SMA. Buy above High of 25SMA and Sell below the Low of 25SMA.
  25. MA2 - Moving Average (Filter) - Option to set a Moving Average filter which will only open a buy position if price is above the MA and only a sell if price is below the MA if all other entry criteria is met.
  26. MA3 - Moving Average (SL) - Option to set a different moving average stop loss than the Entry MA remember to change the the custom stop loss to moving average.
  27. RSI (Filter) - Option to use the RSI as a filter. Note the RSI can have a buy or sell zone created to reduce flat market trading by increasing the levels from 0 to for example 45 and 55 respectively with in the range of 45 and 55 no trade will be placed only on the breakout above or below.
Once purchased Email me for a booklet describing the full operation, rules and preset files of tested data of the EA for better understanding.
Past results are not indicative of future earnings. Trading is not for everyone, make sure you fully understand the risks.
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Version 12.1 2020.09.23
1. Added Delay trailing stop function.
2. Added Explosive stop with partial position close management.
3. Added loss recovery system.
4. Added Fractal partial profit taking method.