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PipTick World Flow MT4

PipTick World Flow indicator is a unique tool that allows traders to see the flow of the global economy in one window. Basically, it shows the current strength of oil, gold, dollar and stock market in one chart. It helps to understand the basic relations and correlations between those markets.

Relationships between markets

  • Oil - The Boss - The whole world economy is based on oil. Oil is the king, the boss of all bosses, the capo di tutti. Oil instructs gold what to do.
  • Gold - The Manager - Gold is the second most important market in the world. It is governed by what oil does and commands dollar and equities.
  • Dollar and Stocks - The Employees - These markets accept orders from their manager - the gold. If the gold and oil trends upward, the dollar and stocks are weakening.

Main features

  • The indicator shows strength and weakness of major world markets
  • Simple comparison of one market against another
  • Overbought and oversold area for entering or exiting the trades
  • Works on every timeframe
  • The indicator is non-repainting
  • Ready for backtesting
  • Customizable parameters
  • Very fast calculation
  • Available for MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5


  • Your broker should provide the symbols of oil, gold and S&P500 for proper functioning of the indicator


  • RSI_Period - RSI calculation period
  • Smoothed_Mode - choose between raw or smoothed curve
  • Smoothed_Method - choose type of smoothing
  • Smoothed_Period - period for calculation of smoothed curve
  • Bars_Ago - number of bars displayed by the indicator
  • OIL_Symbol - exact name of the OIL symbol
  • GOLD_Symbol - exact name of the GOLD symbol
  • S&P500_Symbol - exact name of the S&P500 symbol
  • Text_Size - text size of labels
  • Line_Thickness - thickness of indicator lines
  • Visibility_USD - enable/disable displaying of the USD line
  • Visibility_OIL - enable/disable displaying of the OIL line
  • Visibility_GOLD - enable/disable displaying of the GOLD line
  • Visibility_S&P500 - enable/disable displaying of the S&P500 line
  • Color_USD - color of the USD line
  • Color_OIL - color of the OIL line
  • Color_GOLD - color of the GOLD line
  • Color_S&P500 - color of the S&P500 line


  • OIL - values of the OIL
  • GOLD - values of the GOLD
  • USD - values of the USD
  • S&P500 - values of the S&P500
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