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Apogeum Price Action

Apogeum Price Action is a unique and fully automated Expert Advisor that features a custom algorithm for recognizing the price action and origination of a trend, which ensures accuracy when opening deals.

The system does not use toxic trading methods, such as martingale, averaging of losing positions or scalping (the profit level for each deals is medium-term). It also uses fixed Stop Loss and Take Profit values.

Apogeum Price Action is an investment strategy, designed for long-term use with medium-term trading style. Due to this, the system operation results are less dependent on the type of client account (ECN, STP or other), level of spread, commission and slippage, which provides a greater stability in operation.


  • GMT Offset (Broker Winter TimeZone);
  • Money Management Type - type of money management:
    • Fixed Lot - fixed lot size (not recommended, since the SL value is floating).
    • Risk Level - risk level.
  • Money Management - risk size per order.
  • Supported Currency Pairs - supported currency pairs.
  • M15 - currency pairs supported on М15 (EURUSD;EURAUD;EURCAD;EURJPY;GBPUSD;GBPJPY;USDJPY;XAUUSD).
  • М30 - currency pairs supported on М30 (EURUSD;EURAUD;EURCAD;EURJPY;GBPUSD;GBPJPY;USDJPY;XAUUSD).
  • One Chart Mode - activate the One Chart Mode (trade all pairs from one chart on the specified timeframe).
  • Symbol Prefix - prefix of the traded pair (for example: "pro.", if the name of the pair is "pro.EURUSD").
  • Symbol Suffix - suffix of the traded pair (for example: ".pro", if the name of the pair is "EURUSD.pro").
  • Special Symbol - activate the Special symbol mode (for example: if your broker uses GOLD instead of XAUUSD, attach the EA (with the One Chart Mode disabled) to the chart and enter "XAUUSD" in the Special Symbol Name field).
  • Special Symbol Name - name of the special symbol.
2018.01.14 03:36 

I am using Apogeum Price Action for a one month. Firstly - it isn't a scalper and this is the main advantage. If you ask why there are no a lot of trades, why system isn't making 100% per day and etc - it's a real PRO trading system, not a tester graal as a 99% of EA at MQL5. System is a really very clever and safety. I am using another 2 Price Action from this site: when they open a lot of trades and then get a losses, Apogeum - outside the market! Apogeum Price Action have a really high quality of entries!

Impressive backtests, good first results at real - Apogeum Price Action really is a professional and longterm system! I sure it will work for a lot years!

--- Update 01/14 ---

2 month with EA. Good Perfomance. Good profit at GBPJPY and USDJPY last week!

2018.01.12 17:26 

BEST EA at market! Best support from Ivan! I am using Apogeum 1 month and have Only profit! My Live results:


2018.01.11 05:41 

Excellent service from the author always very responsive. Very motivated to help others which goes with his EA performance. I feel like Ivan never sleeps and always answers question. Great Ea so far, I will update in future. Can't wait to see what he comes out with next.

Jeferson Nickma
2017.12.22 20:58 

I am using Apogeum Price Action for 2 month and now I can say, that it's a best system at market (I am using a lot of systems from a market and another one popular Price Action from a TOP too). Really professional and very safety! There are not a lot of trades, but their quality is a very good: I have 72% of Wins - for Price Action and longterm it's looking impossible, but it's true :) Profit Factor over 2.5 and Expectency 50+ pips!!!

If you want a longterm stable system and perfomance at future (not only for a few month), if you want to invest your money and get a results - Apogeum Price Action is a best solution for you!

Live Results:


Tamer Mohamed
2017.12.15 03:29 

Five stars for the Author great support, will update result after awhile.

Cristobal Giron
2017.12.05 12:34 

Good results with this ea, the author is attentive and comprehensive.

2017.12.04 20:32 

04 / 12 / 2017 - I use Apogeum Price Action for one month. Now it's a main Price Action system at my portfolio. I am using 2 another Price Action systems from a market (you can check review), but in my opinion their results are worse, then Apogeum. Why? They are very crazy and make a lot of orders. Apogeum Price Action very carefully and have trades only at power trends, so Profit Factor higher. Apogeum have closed November with the good profit, when another Price Action from TOP with the losses.

If you are looking for a longterm investment strategy, I can recommend you Apogeum Price Action. It's a high quality and safety system!

Evgeny Yurchenko
2017.10.17 19:19 

2017.10.17 - I really liked backtests of this EA and the mechanics behind it. I've rented it today to see if the backtests will be same same as real life performance of this EA. Will update my review later!

Version 2.2 - 2017.12.29
- Slippage control bug fix
- Added new pairs: GBPUSD H1, GBPJPY H1, XAUUSD H1
- Re-optimized settings for all pairs
Version 2.1 - 2017.12.11
- Stop Levels bug fix;
Version 2.0 - 2017.11.30
- Fully reoptimized settings;
- New currency pairs (GBPUSD) and timeframes (EURJPY M15, USDJPY M30-H1);
- OneChartMode;