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Master Bull Trader

Bull Trader EA is a Long only, multi currency Expert Advisor using a trend following strategy based on Moving Average and Average True Range.

Trading Strategy

Bull Trader trades on all types of pairs. Works most efficiently when used with fundamental analysis. The user has to be able to determine if the market is bullish within the said month and/or be able to forecast a bullish market within the year.

Bull Trader works on all time frames without losing its profitability. I already set the most optimal default parameters in accordance with the strategy.

Bull Trader is highly reliable, as it has been developed considering trading on a real account. The money-management is Lot Sizing that allows you to set automated lot size base on your account equity, for example you set $10,000:1 lot and your account equity is $1000 it will compute for the lot size 1,000/10,000=.10 lot per trade.

Each deal is not protected by stop loss below a losing equity but a trailing stop will activate once the equity reaches a point where a stop loss is already considered a profitable stop. Bull Trader will notify you in your email and mobile terminal if a trade is executed.


  • MagicNumber - return an identifying (magic) number of the currently selected order.
  • MoneyManagement - The Option to choose Lot sizing ratio.
  • Drawdown Stoploss - the maximum percentage of draw down you allow this EA to closed all trade.
  • TradeMonday - allow the EA to trade on Monday.
  • TradeTuesday - allow the EA to trade on Tuesday.
  • TradeWednesday - allow the EA to trade on Wednesday.
  • TradeThursday - allow the EA to trade on Thursday.
  • TradeFriday - allow the EA to trade on Friday.
  • TradeSaturday - allow the EA to trade on Saturday.
  • TradeSunday - allow the EA to trade on Sunday.

Note: Drawdown Stoploss is based on market info Account Balance and Account Equity. This means that if you are using multiple charts in a single Account even with different magic numbers, the EA will try to close all open trades if the actual draw down reaches your allowed draw down percentage.


Genesis Hafalla is a programmer who aims to create products both the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

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