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M15 Manual Scalping System NRP MT5

The indicator is a ready-made manual trading system for scalping. The default parameters are set for М15. The indicator parameters can be customized individually. After a bar is closed, the main values ​​are not redrawn except for dynamic support/resistance zones and fractal trend lines.

Market entry conditions should be evaluated on a closed bar. Before buying, make sure the candle is green, the direction change symbol (by default, it is a dot) is light blue and the current candle opens near the range center level (light-gray line). The closer the signal to the range center level, the more reliable it is. In order to sell, the candle should be red and the direction change symbol should be yellow.

Take into account the support/resistance zones built into the indicator and trend lines for more detailed analysis and improved market entry accuracy.

For each chosen instrument (currency), it is necessary to take into account the hours of its greatest/lowest volatility. Signals are more stable with good volatility.

The system can be used both during flat parts and trend. Keep in mind that when working against the trend, you need to use a small profit value, as well as the ability to reverse or close a position when an opposite signal appears.

If you tolerate taking more risk, you may use only direction points, although the signal reliability is reduced in that case. Besides, do not forget about the calendar of important economic news and speeches of politicians, since they may influence the price behavior.


  • Bars calculation limit
  • Ind1 calculation period
  • Ind1 dynamic period calculation
  • Ind1 fast mode
  • Ind1 slow mode
  • Ind2 calculation period
  • Ind2 fast mode
  • Ind2 slow mode
  • Ind3 calculation period
  • Ind3 fastest mode
  • Ind3 fast mode
  • Ind3 slow mode
  • Ind3 slowest mode
  • Ind4 fast period
  • Ind4 slow period
  • Channel period
  • Channel dynamic range period
  • Channel dynamic multiplier
  • Channel range deviation period
  • Channel deviation multiplier
  • Arrow up symbol code
  • Arrow down symbol code
  • Show support/resistance zones
  • Show support/resistance trendlines
  • Support weak zone color
  • Support untested zone color
  • Support verified zone color
  • Support proven zone color
  • Support turncoat zone color
  • Resistance weak zone color
  • Resistance untested zone color
  • Resistance verified zone color
  • Resistance proven zone color
  • Resistance turncoat zone color
  • Show weak zones
  • Fuzzfactor - zone width ratio
  • Zone solid mode - filling mode
  • Zone border line width
  • Zone border line style
  • Merge zones mode
  • Extend zones mode
  • Dynamic range period
  • Bars between touch
  • Ignored bars count
  • Fast zones fractal one side bars
  • Slow zones fractal one side bars
  • Trendlines fractal one side bars
  • Back steps for trendlines
  • Trendlines count
  • Show trendlines as channels
  • Show trendlines fractals
  • Fractal up symbol code
  • Fractal down symbol code
  • Trendline 1 up color
  • Trendline 2 up color
  • Trendline 3 up color
  • Trendline 1 down color
  • Trendline 2 down color
  • Trendline 3 down color
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Version 1.3 2020.08.04
The code was optimized for the current version of the terminal.
Version 1.1 2019.05.25
Выполнена оптимизация кода с учётом обновлений MQL5.