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The Sector Expert Advisor opens trades based on the built-in Trend Strength indicator. Similar to the indicator, it also works with tick history. Values of the built-in indicator serve as filters for reducing the number of losing trades.

The Sector EA tracks the tick history and uses it to determine short-term "explosive" trend movements, where the trend will be directed in the future. Sector uses two types of market entry:

  • The EA opens a position the moment a signal is received from the built-in indicator.
  • The EA enters the market at the Open price of the next bar after receiving the signal.
It is recommended to use an aggressive ratio of Stop Loss to Take Profit in order to let profit grow during the subsequent development of the trend. The default parameters of the expert are configured for trading USDCAD on the D1 timeframe. By default, Take Profit is set two times greater than Stop Loss.

Features of the Sector EA

  • Does not use risky trading strategies: order grid, hedging, martingale.
  • Stop loss is always applied.
  • Uses only its own integrated indicator.
  • Dollar and cent accounts with a spread of 2 points or more are suitable for trading.
  • Broker's order execution speed does not have a great impact.
  • VPS is required.

Input parameters

Parameters transferred from the Trend Strength indicator:

  • Fixed numbers of the trend - specified trend strength.
  • Number of bars to calculate average numbers - specified number of bars with the greatest values of trend strength.
  • Number of bars for analysis - selected history interval.
  • Signal type - setting for signal generation condition: exceeding the specified trend strength (Signal type = FixNumber), crossing of the green or purple line of the indicator (Signal type = SignalLine), or if both conditions are met (Signal type = SignalLine_and_FixNumber).

Added the Length of history parameter that defines the interval for tracking the tick history, in minutes.

The Min. numbers of the trend parameters reflects the absolute value strength of the trend, at which a trade can be opened.

Trading parameters: StopLoss, TakeProfit, Lot, Slippage, Magic. Parameters StopLoss 2, TakeProfit 2, Magic 2 are for trades opened by the entry signal 2.

Parameters TradeMon and TradeFr define trading on Mondays and Fridays.

The Sector EA can manage the opened trades using Trailing Stop (TS), TS parameters:

  • TS start – profit in points to activate TS.
  • Step TS – TS step.
  • StopLoss TS.
  • TS on Trend Strength – absolute value of Trend Strength, at which Take Profit of a position is removed and it is maintained by TS. Used only if the Use Trail parameter is set to TrailingOnIndicator.
  • Use Trail – can be set to TrailingOFF (positions are not maintained by TS), TrailingToTP (TS is applied until reaching TakeProfit) and TrailingOnIndicator (as the price approaches the TakeProfit level, it is removed if Trend Strength is greater than or equal to the TS on Trend Strength parameter).

In the market, there may be situations where a buy or sell signal appears while a position opposite to the signal is open. The Signal Inverted parameter 3dtermines the action for the EA to take in such situations:

  1. Signal Inverted = ReTrade. The current position is closed and an opposite one is opened.
  2. Signal Inverted = OnlyClose. The current position is closed.
  3. Signal Inverted = Ignoring. The EA does not perform any trade operations.

It is effective to reopen the position on the next bar on the H4 and D1 timeframes, the EA opens such positions when the following positions are met:

  1. Trading on the second bar must be allowed, the Trade on the second bar parameter.
  2. Size of the bar (without shadow) where the first position was opened must be equal or greater than the value set in the Min. size of the first bar parameter.
  3. The ratio of the bar size to the total size of the upper and lower shadow must not exceed the value set in the Ratio bar/shadow parameter.
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