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Account Copier

This utility copies trades within a single computer. It works in the following modes:

  1. One Master - More Slave
  2. With using the ID can be more Master - more Slave
  3. Reverse trading
  4. Copies only opening trades. Trading management and close it according to their own settings (SL, TP, etc.)

It also supports partial closing trades.


  • ID - is not required. If you want to use multiple MASTERs on one PC or on one MT4, each MASTER must have a different ID (alphanumeric). Then SLAVE must have the same ID as the MASTER.
  • Mode
    • MASTER - for a provider account; in this mode, the tool transmits trades from the master account.
    • SLAVE - for a recipient account; in this mode, the tool receives the data transmitted from the master account.
  • Symbol + suffix - if the names of the markets have a suffix, so it write here (only suffix). In MASTER will be deleting. In SLAVE will be added. for example ".ecn" or "+" etc.
  • Only Magics - will copy only trades with these magic numbers. The separator is a comma
  • Only Symbols - will only copy trades of these instruments. The separator is a comma
  • Symbol replace - will be paired different names of instruments. Use an equal sign and a comma, no spaces, for example GOLD=XAUUSD,SILVER=XAGUSD
  • Only Market execution - True = do not copy pending orders
  • MaxSlippage - Maximum price deviation in points
  • MaxDelaySec - Maximum delay for opening the trade in seconds
  • Lot% - Lot size in% (in MASTER or SLAVE mode)
  • Fixed Lot - fixed lot size for SLAVE
  • Max Lot - maximum lot size for SLAVE
  • ********** Use My management ************
    • False = trades will be copied including SL, TP and trade closing
    • True = only the opening of trades will be copied, but will use your own setting SL and TP.
  • My SL - your SL setting in points
  • My TP - your TP setting in points
  • My SL on BE - your functions move SL to the opening price in this profit of points
  • My BE + - for the "SL on BE" functions, move SL to this profit in points
  • My TrailingSL start - your functions start TrailingSL in this profit of points
  • My TrailingSL - your TrailingSL functions, distance SL in points, 0 = TrailingSL Off
  • My TrailingSL step - for TrailingSL functions, step of move in points
  • My Magic - managed trades must have a Magic number
  • **************************************************************************
  • Reverse - will open the trade in the opposite direction. Instead Buy opens Sell, instead BuyStop places SellLimit.
  • MillisecondTimer - copy speed. 100 = 10x per second, Performance of your PC assembly may limit speed
  • ShowTrades - SLAVE draws trades on a chart.
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