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KARAS All Trend

KARAS All Trend is an Advanced Trend Direction Filter.

Supporting tool for trading systems.

Easy-to-use trading system for beginners, advanced and professional traders.

Key Features

  • No Repaint!
  • Available for all TimeFrames.
  • Suitable for Scalpers, Swing Traders, Day Trader, Short Term & Long Term Traders.
  • You may use this indicator for all instruments.
  • Never Backpaints!
  • Easy to use in Expert Advisors.
  • Compatible with different trading strategies.

Input Parameters

  • Period - 10 is optimized.
  • Alerts Settings
  • Push Notification: Send notification (true/false)
  • Display Box Alert: Alerts on display box (true/false)
  • Play Sound Alert: (true/false)
  • Sound File - Buy: Choose from Sound file
  • Sound File - Sell: Choose from Sound file
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Version 1.6 2018.02.28
- Alerts are added. Send Notification, Display Box Alert and Sound Alert.
Version 1.5 2017.09.21
- Fixed loading problem when chart bar count changed