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Climb O

Climb O is an Expert Advisor (EA) based on Martingale method and oriented to equity value. This EA will immediately send one order after launch and Climb O will work based on this first order. If the order have price loss, this EA will send another orders with the same type and double lots. This action is to get more return to cover the loosing prices at the opposite movement of prices, and also to find the best equity balance that can get by each orders.

Because this EA use high risk method: Martingale, no Stop Loose and Take Profit system, Climb O is not safe to always connected. Trader need to keep watching and take action is something not working good with EA. Trader allow close by himself at profitable orders as he want-like as harvesting, or close the unprofitable orders, but this manual action could be affect to the equity value that have been reach.

Pairs and timeframes

The EA was tested on GPUUSD and EURJPY with timeframes M1, such as in the screenshot section. Trader can try with another pairs and need to be sure by tested the EA first with his own strategy tester.

Recommended balance

The recommended balance for use this EA is more than $10000.


  • MaximumMartingale. The maximum of Martiangale limit. It must be the power of 2 value, exp 2,4,8,16.
  • MagicNumber. The number for identify orders by this EA. If this EA run with multiple pairs, every pairs must be run with different this magic number, exp GBPUSD 100001, EURUSD 200002, AUDUSD 300003.
  • StartingLots. The starting value of lots order. If trader use StartingLots=0.01, the lots order that use by this EA is starting from 0.01, then 0.02, 0.04, 0.08 etc. Or if use StartingLots=0.02, the lots order will be starting from 0.02, then 0.04, 0.08, 0.16 etc.
  • CloseAtStop. The option to close or not all orders at Remove EA action.
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Version 2.0 2018.03.27
- Added hedging method, to make the usage of Martingale method more safe.
- Recommended balance must be 1:200000 of the Startinglots value used. This is to support the hedging and the Martingale method. For example, if it is used with Startinglots 0.1, the required balance is 20000 USD.
- Added Anti-Martingale method to increase the potential of profitable orders.
- Please do not forget to test in Strategy Tester before running on a live account.
Version 1.1 2017.09.25
Add price distance between Martingale orders. In previous version, that distance is too close.