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Universal Price Arrows

Universal Price Arrows indicator provides entry signals in specific locations where most of the actual price movements are taking place for the day. Where the big players get in and out! And this realizes a high percentage of accurate signals and you can prove to yourself by testing the indicator.

Key features

  • No Repaint.
  • Clear signals.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can be used for beginner traders.

Recommended Pairs and Time Frame

The indicator is optimized for large time frames such as H4.

The recommendation is to trade on H4 but you can also trade on H1 time frames.

Pairs: Basically GBP and EUR pairs.

Input Parameters

Controlling the frequency of trade with Filter1,2,3,4. If you increase the number there will be less trades and more safe trading. If you decrease the number there will be more trades, but more risk and drawdown.

  • Filter1 - value in number - from 0 to max 200
  • Filter2 - value in number - from 0 to max 200
  • Filter3 - value in number - from 0 to max 200
  • Filter4 - value in number - from 0 to max 200
  • PopUpAlert - Set "true" to enable alerts
  • EmailAlert - Set "true" to enable Email Alert
  • PushAlert - Set "true" to enable Push Notifications Alert
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Version 2.0 - 2017.09.22

Stop Loss level visible on the chart.

Changed the default settings of:

Filter2 - from 32 to 100
Filter3 - from 25 to 100