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QQ Deep Binary

The main purpose of the QQ-Deep Binary indicator is to determine the direction of the sail marked for Binary Options. It works for any currency pair, presenting better result in volatile instruments.

The indicator is designed to simplify market analysis, and is based on price pattern detection strategies combined with multi-currency econometric velocity. The development team is constantly improving the functionality of the indicator.

Indicator Advantages

  1. No repaint.
  2. Works on all currencies.
  3. Must be used only on M5, M15, M30 and H1.
  4. It's easy to use.

Indicator Parameters

  1. AlertEmail = true / false - on / off text email option.
  2. AlertVisual = true / false - on / off display text message in terminal.
  3. AutoSensitivity = true / false - on / off Sensitivity value detection option.
  4. Sensitivity = Long - parameter that allows to assign a manual value to the sensitivity of the indicator. AutoSensitivity must be false.
  5. NBars = Long - parameter that assigns the number of bars to be processed. When it is equal to 0, it takes all the bars.

Using the Indicator

  1. You must open the buy or sell operation, immediately the arrow appears.
  2. The duration of the operation is equal to the expiration of the candle. Example: If the time frame is M15 then the operation expires in 15 minutes.
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Version 1.1 - 2017.09.13
Added the push notification alert.