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Trading cycle AM

This indicator uses linear regression for data analysis. The indicator considers the cyclicity of the market and predicts a trend reversal with high probability. The indicator is presented in the form of an oscillator. It can be used both on trend sections of the market (with a higher value of the Short parameter) and on the flat sections (with a smaller value of the Short parameter). With the right parameters, the indicator shows efficient operation on virtually any market and period.

The indicator does not redraw on complete bars. Thus, the indicator values on the current (incomplete) bar must not be taken into account. The indicator signals are confirmed by the price exceeding the Low (for sell) or High (for buy) of the previous bar.

The indicator operation principle is simple:

  • On bars marked with red dots, place a pending sell order below the Low of the bar.
  • On bars marked with green dots, place a pending buy order above the High of the bar (with consideration of spread).

To reduce the load on the terminal, the indicator is displayed only on the last 1000 bars.


  • Short - period to take the data for analyzing the fast movements of the price.
  • Long - period to take the data for analyzing the slow movements of the price.

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Version 2.0 - 2017.10.24
Optimized the code and basic indicator parameters.