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Wolfgrid EA MT5

Wolf Grid EA is an expert advisor using customized indicators to identify trend reversals. The entries are usually accurate and in case if the trend reverse with a delay the positions will be managed by a smart grid system.

This system uses a grid of orders which increases lot size after the stop loss is reached. The grid size is limited for more safety.

It includes a security filter which prevent the possibility of getting into an unexpected trend without rollback caused by a new release.

Signal monitoring and my other products: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/dorian75/seller


  • Optimized to work with EURUSD for timeframe M15.
  • Minimum recommended deposit is $1000 for initial lot set to 0.05.
  • ECN broker with low spread is recommended to get better results.
  • Compatible with 4 and 5 digits accounts.
  • Compatible with all brokers including US broker using FIFO rule

Support and Set Files


Auto settings for fixed lot

  • Enable auto settings for fixed lot - set to true to automatically set the lot size based on investment amount and risk level.
  • Investment - Amount to invest in account currency.
  • Risk Level - Risk level of your investment. It will adjust lot size / stop loss / take profit / grid stop loss.

Money Management

  • Money Management (MM) Method - method to calculate lot sizing and stop loss.
  • Fixed Lot Size - initial lot (used when MM is "Fixed Lot").
  • Lot based on % balance - initial lot calculated based on % of the balance (used when MM is "Percentage Balance").
  • Fixed Stop Loss - stop loss in account currency (used when MM is "Fixed Lot").
  • Stop Loss based on % balance - stop loss calculated based on % of the balance (used when MM is "Percentage Balance").
  • Max Lot - maximum lot for the EA operation. If value is 0 then no limit.


  • Lot Factor - lot factor for the second and subsequent orders.
  • Take Profit - take profit.
  • Grid Stop Loss - size of stop loss.
  • Max Grid Size - number of orders max to open at the same time.

Other parameters

  • Trail Distance - trailing stop distance (only for non automatic trailing stop).
  • Max Spread - maximum spread allowed before a pending order triggers.
  • Magic Number - magic number to distinguish orders from others EA.
  • Magic Number other EA - magic number from another EA. It opens a grid if there is no opened orders from another EA with this magic number. With this parameter you can use another grid system on the same trading account without having two opened grids in parallel. 0 value disabled this feature.
  • Comments - comments on trade operations.

I have worked hard to ensure that everything I do puts my users interests first. Asking for feedback and ratings should especially be a net positive user experience. It will help me to improve my trading strategy.

azarovv09 2018.10.30 10:25 

Great EA!!! Very good result so far

JAROMIR KISON 2018.08.22 16:48 

This EA will kill you money!

My hope was to use the EA for one or two years, but after 3 months, the EA killed my whole account. the same happened with many other users today, as you can see in the comments of Wolfgrid for MT4.

Do not buy this EA!!!

Many people lost their money.

The idea to use max. 5 Grid cycles do not cover the potential movement of EURUSD, as we have seen today.

Wolfgrid opened a sell position in the lowest price, since 2017. Then the price went up again and didn't came back within the 5th grid circle.

The backtests have shown, that Woflgrid only works under a very specific market condition.

This market condition has changed and Wolfgrid was not able to handle it.

Do not waste your money with this EA!

PS: Also the signal of Dorian is disabled, means, there reference Signal also lost all the money ;-)

Valter Oliveira
Valter Oliveira 2018.08.05 18:38 

3rd review (2019.10.11):

It applies high risk strategies.

2nd review (2018.10.22):

I believe some users are not managing risk well.

If you use Wolfgrid EA with a low risk management it works really good.

1st review (2018.08.05):

Great product!

The seller (Mr. Dorian Baranes) also offers good technical support, quickly clarifying any doubts about the product.

Usually the entry points are accurate, so the grid system is usually not activated.

It is important to follow the seller's recommendations.

Version 6.5 2019.03.22
- Optimization on Buy/Sell signal
- Add parameter "Magic Number other EA". This parameter allows to avoid opening a grid if there are opened orders from another EA. With this new parameter you can use another grid system (like Tigergrid) on the same trading account without having two opened grids in parallel.
Version 6.2 2018.11.25
- Buy / Sell signal improved
- Display final Stop Loss on the dashboard and on the chart with an horizontal line
Version 6.1 2018.10.24
- Major optimization on Buy/Sell signal by making analysis on price variations from multi timeframes (M15 and D1).
Version 5.3 2018.08.13
- Support an occasional delay in execution of orders from brokers
Version 5.2 2018.08.06
- Optimization Buy/Sell signal
- Limit max lot size to broker restriction