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The algorithm of the Expert Advisor determines the angle of the "expanding triangle" pattern and starts working when the price touches one of the triangle's sides. The trades are filtered by the delay characteristic of the RSI indicator.

After opening a deal, the EA sets the mandatory take profit and stop loss and manages the deal it with a tight trailing stop.

The Max Spread parameter sets the maximum spread, exceeding which (by spread expansion) will prevent opening deals.

The default settings are designed for the following instruments: EURUSD M15, GBPUSD M15, USDJPY M15.


  • Comment to order - comment to orders.
  • MaxRisk - maximum risk per trade.
  • if MaxRisk = 0, Lot will be - lot size if MaxRisk=0.
  • Take Profit - take profit.
  • Stop Loss - stop loss.
  • Period of RSI - RSI period.
  • Trailing-stop on/off - enable trailing stop.
  • Trailing Start - trailing start.
  • First Trailing Level - the first stop loss level.
  • Trailing Step - step of the trailing stop.
  • Slippage - maximum slippage level.
  • Max Spread - maximum spread.
  • Magic - magic number.
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