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DSProFx Scalp

DSProFx Scalp Expert Advisor is a fully automated forex robot for scalping trade. The trade signals are based on some indicators: Moving Average, Stochastic Oscillator, MACD, and candle volume and pattern that combined from different timeframes.

Concept, Timeframe and Pairs

DSProFx Scalp works in M5 and M15 with the main concept is always following the trend (especially the trend based on H1 and H4) and it works in any pairs. It will work more efficiently on a low-spread pair.

Trades may be opened in hedging and/or averaging positions (depends on the trend condition). If the market is in trend condition, it will open averaging positions to maximize the profit, but if the market is in sideways condition, it will open hedging positions to balance the trade until it finds a "clear" trend.

The trades will be closed (profit taking) by equity growth target, and sometimes they will be closed by trailing stop to maximize the profit if the trades are in averaging positions. The total profit has already considered the swap and commission as well.

As the implication of the concept/algorithm, hedging trading positions will be a common thing. Therefore, you should use this robot only in one pair in one account because all the trading progresses are measured by equity growth and also the total profit of trading account (due to market price movement of the pair and the fighting between "buys" and "sells" as well).

To manage your capital, you can open some different accounts and spread your capital. Then you can use this robot in different pairs or timeframes. This is a kind of simple and safe money management.

Trade Volumes

  • Maximum initial trade volumes (lots) will be controlled by account equity with strict money management. For example, if it is a 5-digit broker, the maximum initial trade volume will be 0.01 lot per trade for $1000 equity.
  • For the AutoLot system, the trade volume increase (lot step) will be calculated as the same way; trade volume will be increased 0.01 lot if the profit has already reached $1000. It means, the trade volume will be 0.02 lot if the equity already reach $2000.

Recommended balance

Recommended balance in using this EA is $1200.


Use this robot on 5-digit or 4-digit broker.


DSProFx Scalp provides the possibilities:

  1. To control the risk with two kinds of trade volume calculations by equity.
  2. To increase the trade volume (based on calculation in point 1).
  3. To limit the maximum risk (in % of equity) of the trade.
  4. To control the trades by arranging the distance between trades.

DSProFx Scalp does not need input for stop loss because it already has multiple safety controls for a trading account. It controls the trading volume for each trade, the distance between trades, and it has maximum risk control as well.


  • BrokerDigits - digit of a platform/broker. There are two options:
    • Five_5: for 5-digit broker
    • Four_4: for 4-digit broker
  • Dollar_perLot_perPip - the value (in USD or EUR - the main currency) for a trade of 1 lot per pip. You can check this out in demo account and make a trade of 1 lot, then check the balance when the price move 1 pip. There are two options:
    • TenDollars_10: if the value is $10
    • OneDollar_1: if the value is $1
  • LotSetting - method of calculating the maximum initial trade volume (lot) and the trade volume increase. There are two options:
    • Standard: Lot = Account equity/100.000
    • Safety: Lot = Account equity/200.000. (These are example of calculation for 5-digit broker with Dollar_perLot_perPip = TenDollars_10.)
  • InitialLots - initial trade volume/lot. If it is higher than the maximum allowable lot (controlled by calculation above), there will be an alert.
  • Growing_Profit_Target_Pips - the profit target of Account Equity growing to close all trade positions. This pips will be automatically converted into Deposit Currency.
  • AutoLot - increase the trade volume/lot slowly (automatic) based on calculation above (LotSetting).
  • MaximumLossPercent - maximum allowed loss calculated by percentage of equity. Sometimes, the floating loss (of total trades) can reach 3000-5000 pips due to market price fluctuation.
  • TimeFrame - timeframe, in which the EA runs. Proper values: M5 and M15.
  • BreakEven_System - move the StopLoss to break even point after the position has profit around 20 pips.
  • StartBreakEven_Pips - minimum profit (pips) to start BreakEven_System.
  • TrailingStop_in_Hedging - move the StopLoss following the price movement. Trailing stop system will be applied to positions that has different trend with H4.
  • StartTrailingStop_Pips - minimum profit (pips) to start TrailingStop_in_Hedging.
  • TrailingStop_pips - TrailingStop distance (pips).
  • Close_Order - system to close order. There are two options :
    • By_TotalProfit - Close order if total profit reach the target profit.
    • By_EquityGrowth - Close order if total account equity grow reach the target profit.
  • EachTickMode - Open trade position by each tick signal. Default setting: false.
  • MagicNumber - magic number.
2018.02.20 13:19 

This is a very impressive EA, load it up on 1 chart in each account and watch it do it's thing, great work on this Donald.

Version 6.0 - 2018.03.14
Improve control of chart.
Version 5.0 - 2018.03.06
Improved the EA code.

New parameter:
Growing_Profit_Target_Pips = Profit target for Account Equity growth. Input in pips.
Version 4.0 - 2018.02.22
1. Fix some bugs
2. Pair detection system
3. StartTrailingStop_Pips --> Minimum profit (pips) to start TrailingStop system
4. TrailingStop_pips --> TrailingStop distance
5. MagicNumber
Version 3.0 - 2018.01.09
Additional features :
1. BreakEven_System --> to move stop loss to the break even point
2. TrailingStop_in_Hedging --> to move stop loss by trailing stop
3. EachTickMode --> option for each tick mode
Version 1.1 - 2017.10.03
New Parameters:

BrokerDigits - digit value of a platform/broker. There are two options:
Five_5: for 5-digit broker
Four_4: for 4-digit broker

Dollar_perLot_perPip - value (in USD or EUR - account currency) for a trade of 1 lot per pip.
There are two options:
TenDollars_10: for the value of 10
OneDollar_1: for the value of 1

New Parameters Information:

LotSetting - method of calculating the initial trade volume/lot and the lot step for AutoLot.
There are two options:
Standard: maximum initial lot or lot step = Account equity/100.000
Safety: maximum initial lot or lot step = Account equity/200.000.
(These calculations are examples for 5-digit broker & Dollar_perLot_perPip = TenDollars_10)

Change of description:
Use this robot on 5-digit or 4-digit broker.