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Gartley finder 20 pairs

Gartley finder is an indicator for searching for Gartley Patterns. The search can be performed on 20 currency pairs and all timeframes simultaneously. The indicator shows the targets for entering and exiting the market. It also features alerts and notifications to mobile devices, as well as automatic detection of the Gartley patterns of various sizes. The main characteristics of the indicator are listed below.

This is a version for twenty currency pairs. The version for one pair can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/21164

1. Pattern search

The indicator finds and displays patterns of various types and sizes on the chart.

Types of patterns:

Classic: Bat, Alternate Bat, Butterfly, Crab, Deep Crab, Gartley, Shark.

Exotic: Monogram (Cypher), White Swan, Black Swan.

Size of patterns:

You can search for patterns of smaller and higher orders. This is implemented via the "left" and "right" arrows, located in the lower left corner of the screen.

See Figure 1

2. Table of patterns

The indicator is able to search for patterns on 20 currency pairs and 9 price timeframes simultaneously. The identified patterns are placed in a table located at the bottom of the screen.

To the right of each pattern in the table, there is a number in the brackets a right arrow. The number means the age of the pattern, and the arrow allows you to go to the chart where the pattern appeared.

The color of the pattern indicates its direction.

Green pattern - buy pattern.

Red pattern - sell pattern.

See Figure 2

3. Stop Loss and Take Profit levels

The indicator draws the targets for entering and exiting the market. The targets are displayed as bars to the right of each identified pattern.

Stop Loss: maximum or minimum of the orange bar.

Take Profit 1: maximum or minimum of the blue bar.

Take Profit 2: maximum or minimum of the light blue bar.

See Figure 3

4. Alerts + Auto Scan

The indicator is able to search for Gartley patterns automatically. This is implemented via the "autoscan" button, which can be found in the lower left corner of the screen. The "autoscan" buttons performs the automatic search for Gartley patterns on all ranges and pairs enabled in the indicator parameters. The scanning is repeated once in the specified period.

If a pattern is found, the indicator generates an alert and (optionally) sends a push notification to your mobile device.

See Figure 4

Input parameters

  • StepDepth - step size for the Zigzag indicator. Controlled by the left and right arrows.
  • TimeUpdate - time in minutes to update the table with the patterns.
  • MaxDepthTable - the maximum depth parameter of the indicator.
  • MaxBarAgeTable - the maximum age of a pattern to be displayed in the table.
  • Price_Bar - display patterns on the last closed bar (close price), or at the current price.
  • FriendlySoftExperts - enable/disable compatibility with Gun's Volume, ElliottwaveMine.
  • clr_linethup - color of lines for buy patterns.
  • clr_trup - color of triangles for buy patterns.
  • clr_chup - color of displayed Fibonacci levels for buy patterns.
  • clr_linethdown - color of lines for sell patterns.
  • clr_trdown - color of triangles for sell patterns.
  • clr_chdown - color of displayed Fibonacci levels for sell patterns.
  • colorclr_pt - color of letters X-A-B-C-D.
  • colorclr_ptname - color for names of the patterns.
  • colorStopLoss - the color of the StopLoss level zone. Protective orders are placed within this zone.
  • colorTakeProfit_1 - the color of the first target area based on the pattern.
  • colorTakeProfit_2 - the color of the second target area based on the pattern.
  • DisplayPatterns - select the patterns to display.
  • DisplayInstruments - select the currency pairs to display.
  • DisplayTimeframes - select the timeframes to display.
  • AlertsTable - enable/disable alerts. A message is generated if a pattern is found in the table.
  • PeriodAutoScan - chart scanning frequency. The parameter is relevant is the "auto" button is pressed.
  • SendPushResult - send push notifications to the mobile terminals.

See the attached video for more information.

plawskij.anatol 2018.12.10 15:59 

Вдобавок к индикатору для одной пары приобрел Гартли 20 пар ,который хорошо дополняет первый индикатор для одной пары. Процент положительных сделок значительно стал выше. Большое спасибо разработчикам!

DTChrisLP 2018.10.25 19:47 

Great indicator and great support

dauren-forex 2018.09.17 19:00 

Спасибо большое автору за качественную работу. В комплексе с уровнями вышестоящего таймфрейма и Price Action получается реальная прибыль. Я затраты на покупку вернул за один день. Это конкретно дорога к финансовой стабильности.

Vitali Miroshkin
Vitali Miroshkin 2018.08.21 22:49 

очень Хорошый Индикатор торгую в плюс уже месяц . я торгую с паттерном краб хорошо отрабатывает

Sergey_IT 2018.08.15 09:32 

Хороший индикатор в сочетании с волнами Эллиота! Работа сделана на 5 баллов. Паттерны отрабатываются на 100 %. Спасибо разработчикам и мыслителям в применении фигур на фондовом рынке. Советую к приобретению.

ivanova.a.v.1 2018.08.12 20:50 

Отличный индикатор!!! Высокий процент отработки паттернов. Причем в комплексе с дополнительными торговыми сигналами, сводит риски к самому минимуму! А еще фишка с оповещением на телефон, очень удобно. Спасибо разработчикам, всем советую!

maxxd 2018.06.22 17:49 

Пишу благодарность за индикатор. В совокупности с волновым анализом за время использования профит +242$))) Не жалею и очень советую.

vmakhnyuk 2018.06.05 17:42 

Очень качественная и действенная работа! Паттерны отрабатывают c большой вероятностью. Идеальное сопровождение stop-loss и take-profit. Советую к приобретению.

Version 2.2 2018.11.06
We improved the algorithm of drawing of columns of stops and profits.
Version 2.0 2018.06.04
- Added alerts.
- Added push notifications.
- Added the ability to automatically search for patterns of different sizes on all currency pairs and all price ranges defined in the indicator parameters. This is implemented via the "autoscan" button, which can be found in the lower left corner of the screen.
Version 1.2 2018.05.02
- Updates of input parameters.
Version 1.1 2018.04.24
- Now, the indicator is compatible with our other products (Gun's Volume, Elliott wave mine), and they can easily co-exit on one chart. Set FriendlySoftExperts to Yes to enable compatibility.
- Improved the operation algorithm.