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Atom Trend

Determining the current trend is one of the most important tasks of a trading regardless of the trading style. The Atom Trend indicator can help in doing that with a fairly high probability.

Atom Trend is a trend recognition indicator, which uses an original calculation algorithm. You can use it on any currency pair and every time frame. It does not change its values. The tick volume can also be used in the calculations as an additional filter.

Indicator Parameters

  • Main Settings:
    • VolMode - if true, tick volumes are used in calculations.
    • SlowPeriod - period of the slow variable.
    • FastPeriod - period of the fast variable.
    • Shift - shift of the indicator values.
  • Alert Settings:
    • Alerts - if true, enables alerts.
    • AOnCurrent - if false, alerts are generated at the opening of a new bar, if true - on the current bar.
    • AMessage - display the dialog box.
    • ASound - play an audio file.
    • AEmail - send email to the address specified in the Email tab of the options window.
    • ANotificaton - send notifications to mobile terminals.
    • soundfile - name of the audio file.
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Version 1.10 2019.07.16
Added new calculation methods.