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Force Perceptron

Force Perceptron is a unique Expert Advisor based on Force Index indicator and Perceptron. It works by placing pending order buy or sell depend on perceptron direction then using force index indicator to execute trades.

This EA does not use dangerous techniques like martingale, averaging, or hedging. All orders are protected by stoploss and is only one trade executed buy or sell depend on given indicators signal.

This automated robot is available for all pairs also can be set on any time frames. And it is recommended to use on broker with 5-digit quotes, low spread and low commissions.

Input Parameters

  • Expert Name - EA name and trades comment.
  • Magic Number - EA identification number to identify trades.
  • Fixed Lot Size - Fixed lot size.
  • Activate Auto Lot Size - true if you want to activate auto lot size calculation.
  • Auto Lot Risk - Risk calculation to calculate auto lot size.
  • Stop Loss - stop Loss.
  • Set SL at the beginning - true means send orders with SL, while false means send orders with no SL then modify SL later.
  • BreakEven - Break even point to secure early profit.
  • Trailing Start - Distance to trigger trailing.
  • Slippage - Slippage.
  • Max Spread Allowed - If spread goes higher than this value, EA won't trade and delete all pending orders.
  • Pending Order Distance - Pending order distance from current price.
  • Pending Order Expiration (in second) - Pending order expiration in second.
  • Barsize - Minimum bar size to execute trade.
  • iForce Period - Force index indicator period.
  • x1-x4 - Perceptron weighted coefficients.
  • Show Info - Show info.
  • Text Color - Info text color.


  • Volatile currency pairs.
  • Low spread.
  • Low commissions.
  • Zero freeze level.
  • Account leverage at least 1:200.
  • 5-digit quotes.
  • 24/7 VPS hosting with low latency.


  • Use every tick model when backtesting, control points nor open prices only will not work because of the algorithm are using tick chart to emulate entry signals.
  • Default input values are for 5-digits quotes and not automatically adjusted for 4-digits quotes.
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