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The main idea is the distribution of the balance to trade a large number of foreign exchange instruments. This allows tracking a larger number of price movements in the market. It uses the CCI (14) indicator on the timeframes H4 and M5, as well as a spread filter.

Hardware features:

  • It is attached to one window of a currency pair (any), but monitors all instruments available for trading in the terminal.
  • Does not require vast CPU resources, because it uses sequential analysis algorithm.
  • It can be tested in the strategy tester - automatically switches to single-currency mode during testing (because the strategy tester does not support multicurrency mode)

Trading features and conditions:

  • The program is based on the principle of increasing the volume (custom multiplier) and averaging at closure.
  • A three-stage filter is used for generating the market entry signal:
    • Selection of the currency instruments - spread filter, if the instrument's spread is less than MaxSpread, then it is suitable for analysis.
    • Determination of the trading direction - filter on the H4 timeframe, the CCI(14) indicator is analyzed: if CCI is less than -100, the next filter is set configured for a BUY trade, if greater than 100 - for a SELL trade.
    • Determination of the market entry moment - filter on the M5 timeframe, the CCI(14) indicator is analyzed: if CCI is less than -100 and the previous filter indicated BUY, a BUY order is opened, if greater than 100 - a SELL order.
  • Three types of order closure are available.
  • It is possible to set the dependence of the desired profit on the volume of the orders (kvLnZ).
  • Analysis of the account free margin.
  • Parameters in the EA properties are used for all currency pairs available for trading. if there are limitations (for example, the specified parameters do not correspond to ones allowed on the currency instrument) the program calculates them automatically.


  • WORK_FROM_1_CURRENCY = false; - set the multicurrency operation mode
    • true - the EA works only with the pair it is attached to
    • false - the EA trades all instruments available in the terminal (affected by the MarketWatch parameter)
  • MarketWatch = true;
    • true – the EA trades only the symbols available in the Market Watch of the terminal
    • false - the EA monitors all instruments available for trading
  • Magic = 1955; - identifier of deals (any number that should not be changed during the EA operation)
  • MaxSpread = 250; (points) - spread filter
  • LotConst_or_not = true; - initial lot calculation type
    • true - fixed lot equal to _lot
    • false - lot size is calculated based on the balance and the RiskPercent parameter
  • RiskPercent = 2.0; (%) - for the automatic calculation of the lot size
  • _lot = 0.01; - initial lot, if set to 0, it is calculated automatically
  • _M = 1.3; - lot multiplier
  • _ML = 0.0; - maximum lot - the maximum allows total volume of lots per pair
  • _nM = 2; - the number of orders in the series to start increasing the lot
  • _nUo = 4; - the number of orders in the series to start the group closure of orders
  • _St = 30; - STEP (pips) - the minimum allowed distance to the next order.
  • _tS = 1; - step dynamics, the calculation criterion of the minimum step to the next trade:
    • 0 - fixed step
    • 1 - increasing
    • 2 - decreasing
  • _shS = 3; (points) - step of the grid dynamics
  • _tZ = 2; - closure type
    • 0 - by total TP
    • 1 - common TrailingStop,
    • 2 - multiple TrailingStop levels (the first and the last two orders + common)
  • _TP = 21; (points) - profit at closing - TakeProfit
  • _Trl = 7; (points) Trailing Stop - distance to trail SL
  • kvLnZ = 0.7; - coefficient of the volume influence on the TP of trades. (from 0 to 1) 0 - no influence, 1 - ТР decreases as volume increases
  • Min_Proc_Sv_Sr = 95; (%) - percentage of the free margin from the total balance, until reaching which the EA keeps monitoring and opening trades on new currency instruments. When the account free margin decreases, the EA continues to work only with the pairs that have open trades.
  • ALARM_Proc_Sv_Sr = 55; (%) - percentage of free margin, at which the EA stops opening new orders.
  • CLOSEALLORDER = false; - close all, set to false while trading. If set to true, the EA will close all trades it has opened at the current price.
Eng Hoe Teh
2017.09.15 12:23 

account almost boom

2017.08.29 16:25 

A very good EA with some patience, you can succeed with it.

Version 2.0 - 2017.12.04
- Multicurrency mode. Increased the number of instruments (3000). The program filters the pairs that have trading enabled (instruments traded in certain time intervals are taken into account)
- Added filtering by the minimum lot. If a currency pair has the minimum allowed lot greater than _lot, it is discarded.
- - - - - - -
- In the multicurrency mode, use the minimum starting lot (0.01).