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Direct Direction

Direct direction indicator, designed to detect the main trends indicative of a trend. Great to find a few small signal trends. At the end of the big trend a few signal direction.

This indicator works with some indicators and some algorithm. Easy to use and understand. As for any signal alert feature sends alerts signal with.

Features and suggestions

  • on point of entry and Stoploss Graphic screen trade points.
  • There's a Risk calculation method.
  • Timeframes: M30, H1, H4, you can use all This couple.


  • MAFast_Period- fast ma period setting
  • MAFast_Method- fast ma method setting
  • MAFastPrice- fast ma price setting
  • MASlow_Period- slow ma period setting
  • MASlow_Method- slow ma method setting
  • MASlowPrice- slow ma price setting
  • SL_Line_factor- stoploss According to party line factor setting
  • RiskPercent- According to lots calculating risk stoploss
  • UseSoundAlert- voice risk calculation stoploss warning on/off setting
  • UsePopupAlert- outdoor setting pop-up 
  • Alerts_email - email alert on/off setting
  • Alert_mobile- mobile application alert on/ setting off

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