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Quincy EA

My aim is to design an EA that trades with the trend and not against it like most EA.

Quincy EA uses a grid to open long/short in the direction of movement catching small profits immediately and closing trades. This will only work if you have a good low spread chart and preferably trending pair.

See its potential: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/316939

How It Works

Quincy EA will open trades in a grid format with a long or short trade depending on the direction of the particular market. It does not use any indicators but relies on mathematics to close a large number of small profits. Once the overall profit of all trades open hits the specified 'Take profit', it will close all trades.

Quincy EA has a built-in safety mechanism that will close trades earlier if there are too many opened, this is refered to as 'Emergency Mode' and can be customized via the Parameters accordingly.


  • This EA will open and close hundreds of trades per day. You can trade multi-currency pairs. However, be aware of your brokers 'Maximum open trades'.
  • This EA should be run 24/5 for the best results.


  1. Magic Number - for use of multi-currency traders
  2. Take Profit - default pips to close all trades
  3. Lot Size - default lot size
  4. Step - step on a grid before opening another trade
  5. Step Opposite - step before opening a trade in the opposite direction
  6. Emergency mode after - number of trades open to trigger 'Emergency mode' with Reduced TP
  7. Emergency mode TP - take profit when too many trades are open (use a negative value)
  8. Auto random 1st order - enable this, so the robot can start trading, later versions might have new entry options added

Safety Rules

  • Use trending currency pairs with low spread
  • ECN account only
  • Preferably tiny spread
  • Due to the nature of the EA, there is no Stop-out. However, as it hedges its position, there is plenty of time to exit manually
  • Contact me if you need help
Aleksej Kravcenko
2017.08.06 16:20 

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