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PZ Stop Reverse EA

The PZ Stop and Reverse EA turns your losing trades into winners using a martingale strategy: it places alternative directional trades with increasing lot sizes until the initial trade is recovered, plus a profit.

  • Easy to set up and supervise
  • Controllable risk and net exposure
  • Risk and drawdown are pre-calculated
  • All orders are placed with a stop-loss
  • Implements 25 automated entry strategies
  • Is able to start trades using your custom indicators
  • Backtests using random trades and makes money!
  • Trade easily from the chart buttons
  • Trades mini accounts from $1,000
  • Filter trading by Forex sessions
  • All you need is a VPS!
The usage and configuration of the expert advisor is very easy.
  • Load the EA
  • Edit the settings until the risk is acceptable.
  • Buy or Sell discretionarily or...
  • Enable an entry strategy from inputs
  • Let the EA manage the trades!
It offers a complete trade management solution, from initial trade to recovery.
  • First, the EA tries to perform break-even and assure capital preservation.
  • Second, the EA applies a configurable trailing stop method.
  • The recovery mechanism kicks when a trade goes into negative.

Download the user guide

To understand the concepts behind this EA and learn to use it, kindly read the user guide.

How to backtest the EA

The EA will open random trades in the tester, if the risk of the martingale settings is not dangerous for your account.

Input Parameters

For a complete description of the input parameters of the EA, kindly read the user guide.

  • Lot-Size - Size of the initial trade.
  • Break-even in pips - This parameter controls at which profit in pips the EA moves the stop-loss above/below the open price securing profits.
  • Trailing Stop - Percentage of the max. favorable excursion (MFE) used as trailing-stop.
  • Trailing Step in pips - Minimum increase in pips for the trailing stop value.
  • Take Profit in pips - Stealth take-profit for the first trade
  • Entry Strategy – Select how the EA should enter the market (manually or automatic)
  • Custom Indicator Name – If you chose to take trades based on a custom indicator, type the name, case-sensitive, in this parameter.
  • Custom Indicator Signal Buffer – If you chose to take trades based on a custom indicator, type the buffer number in this parameter.
  • Trade Asian Session – Enable or disable Asian Trading Session (GMT based)
  • Trade Europe Session – Enable or disable Europe Trading Session (GMT based)
  • Trade America Session – Enable or disable America Trading Session (GMT based)
  • Recovery Trades - Maximum amount of trades to place during the recovery process.
  • Zone In Pips - Distance in pips between buy stop and sell stop orders. A higher value will decrease trading frequency but will make deals to last longer. If the spread is below one pip, you can use a zone of 50 pips. If the spread is between 2 and 3 pips, you should set a zone over 75 pips. If the spread is above 3 pips, you need a zone of at least 100 pips.
  • Magic Number - Magic Number for the recovery trades
  • Custom Comment - Enter your custom comment for all trades here.

Things to keep in mind

  • The EA will not manage orders without stop-loss
  • Place just one initial trade, buy or sell
  • Do not place several starting trades, nor bidirectional trades


Arturo Lopez Perez, private investor and speculator, software engineer and founder of Point Zero Trading Solutions.

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Version 3.0 - 2017.10.26
- Added three martingale modes:
>> Stop and Reverse: Alternate buy/sell orders in the martingale
>> Long Only: Make all the martingale buy only
>> Short Only: Make all the martingale sell only

- Added three entry strategies:
>> PZ Harmonics: According to indicator bearing same name published in mql5.com
>> PZ Trend Trading: According to indicator bearing same name published in mql5.com
>> PZ Swing Trading: According to indicator bearing same name published in mql5.com
Version 2.0 - 2017.09.13
- Added two automated entry strategies: Wedges and Pennants. These entries correspond with the indicators named PZ Wedges and PZ Pennants, recently published in mql5.com.