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Price Alert with Trendline

The indicator plays sound alerts when the price reaches certain levels, specified by trader.

You only need to draw a trendline and then press the alert button in the panel.

The texts of the notification you determine.

Notification via a smartphone or email address is possible.

Note for "Free Demo": MetaTrader 4 does not support displaying an alert window or playing sounds in the strategy tester, only in live or demo accounts.

How it works

  1. Draw a trendline
  2. Click the "Alert" button (Trendline must be selected, with double-click)
  3. Done

Button Description

  • Alert - Activated trendline as alert, it appears "!" in text
  • Horiz - Converts diagonal line into horizontal line
  • Ray - Extended line
  • Del All - Deletes all alert lines

Input Parameters

  • LineText - Choose standard Text
  • SendEmail - Send message to email address
  • SendNotifications - Send message to smartphone or tablet
  • PanelCorner - Dock the panel in the desired corner
  • PanelX - Horizontal distance of the panel in pixel
  • PanelY - Vertical distance of the panel in pixel
2017.07.17 23:17 

its not woking dont buy...

2017.07.13 20:50 

A very good indicator. He works reliably in every time unit; Is easy and quick to use. I can easily mark and label important levels with a line. And does not have to enter inconvenient price marks. So you can quickly create memories and can not forget a brand anymore. Great indicator - a must have for every trader. Thanks to the programmer.

Version 1.11 - 2017.07.28
Fixed a bug: - Inputs PanelX and PanelY