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Crazy Scalper XL

Crazy Scalper XL is a mechanical trading system that accurately displays orders opening and closing points on the chart. All you need to do is follow its instructions. Crazy Scalper XL does not re-paint its signals. It works well on all currency pairs and timeframes. Besides, the indicator displays data on the obtained profit or loss in the upper right corner.


  • Open a sell order when the arrow appears.
  • Close an order when a square appears.


  • Period fast - indicator period by a long wave.
  • Period slow - indicator period by a short wave.
  • Upper bound - wave upper border for receiving a signal.
  • Bottom bound - wave lower border for receiving a signal.

Contact the author after buying Crazy Scalper XL to receive a free robot that follows the indicator in its trades.

Raja 2017.12.07 20:16 

I want to give negative rating if possible ..

Points shown on screen are not possible and EA never works as claim in the video or writing..

Don't waste time and money.. Just a scam

nabilmfarej 2017.08.25 19:52 

this indicator gives signal by end of candle but calculates the profit from the beginn of the candle, its not possible to get the same results

SkystheLimit 986
SkystheLimit 986 2017.08.24 23:52 


edward.mason 2017.07.25 19:05 

This is a greet product. The indicator works very well if you are looking to scalp some big points (I cleared 200 points today). The system is very easy to use with red arrows appearing when you need to take the short and the box it then creates then closed in bright red when its time to close out. if you have any problems or have questions (as i did) the author is quick to respond on message here. IT PAID FOR ITS SELF IN THE FIRST DAY!!