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Optimus Reversals

This indicator is 10+ years in the making and shows highly accurate price reversals. It is based on a number of indicators and unique algorithms that frequently predict when price is about to reverse.

Reversals are shown as arrows at the opening of a candle and never repaint. It couldn't be simpler!

This is a very powerful tool to add to your arsenal. It works equally well with Forex trading, spread betting and binary options.

It should be used in combination with your existing strategy and money management methods and can be used on any timeframe and currency pair.

Take a look at the screenshots and video to get an idea of how the indicator works.

Key Features

  • Accurately shows price reversals
  • Non-repainting indicator
  • Indicator arrow drawn at candle open
  • Optional alerts and email notifications
  • Works on any timeframe and currency pair
  • Great for both Forex trading and binary options

Indicator parameters

  • _Alert - set to true to display an alert when a signal appears
  • _Email - set to true to send an email notification when a signal appears

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. Happy trading!

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Version 1.1 - 2017.07.27
General bug fixes