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OHLC Breakz

The 'OHLC Breakz' indicator was designed to detect changes in zones of support and resistance of proprietary trendlines. By setting the lines on, setting to rays, and by checking the amount of bars shown in the chart, you can trade by support and resistance & arrows. Additional indicators are recommended for use in other settings.

The S&R strategy is a system of historical trend lines when bars are set highest possible like '9999999999999'.

After you download your symbol data and check your bars again -- it should look like '2147483647'. (See Images).

Key Features

  • This indicator looks for custom patterns based on a range of 3 bars, which give signals for buy or sell.
  • There are many visual options available, as well as modes for arrow patterns which are all non-repaint.

Input Parameters

  • Line Mode = 2; - Trendline Pattern: 0: Opens & Opens, 1: Highs & Lows, 2: Both
  • Lines Visible = false; - Trendlines displayed or disabled.
  • Line Jump = 3; - Trendlines stretched a number of periods. Example: 89.
  • Line Rays = false; - Trendlines or rays (true: Rays, false: Trendlines).
  • Line Back = false; - Trendlines in background or foreground.
  • Line Up Color = Gold; - Trendlines angled up, color.
  • Line Dn Color = Aqua; - Trendlines angled down, color.


  • This indicator produces ATR prices, of the arrow, which can be compared with it's adjacent buffer.
  • There must be a value on one buffer and not the other, represented by a value of 0.


  • Please be sure to leave any ideas, tips and suggestions in the "Reviews" section and they may be included.
  • Improvements to the system could be at any time so we suggest that you possibly backup your copies.
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Version 2.0 - 2017.11.03
Inputs and code optimized, nothing different but faster!