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Line break chart PRO

A professional line break chart which is displayed directly in the chart window thus making it possible to trade directly from the MetaTrader 5 charts.

The line break chart can be displayed as the most widely used 3 line break chart or a custom variation such as 2 or 5 line break chart.

Wicks can be displayed or hidden on the chart - they give a lot of additional information regarding the underlying price action.

The indicator's settings include:

  • Line break number - determines the number of lines (or previous candle lows/highs) that need to be broken in order to display a reversal line.
  • Show wicks (true/false)
  • Use max. candles for history calculation
  • UseInEA - Set to TRUE if indicator used in an EA (true/false)
  • Use padding top/bottom (0.0 - 1.0) - the percentage of the visible price span (high to low) that should be added to the top/bottom of the highest/lowest candle to make the chart more readable

The indicator also features a custom data window where you can inspect each bar's OLHC prices as well as the bar's open time and cumulative volume information.

The data window is displayed by left-clicking on the selected candle while holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard.

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Version 1.1 2020.06.16
Recompiled for better compatibility with the latest MT5 builds