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Ratio TP SL mt5 Demo

The demo version differs from the full version only in that it works exclusively on NZDCHF.

The full version can be found here: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/23679

This indicator allows measuring the profitability of each specific trade (Stop Loss / Take Profit ratio).

Description of the buttons on the screen

  • R - when pressed, the first click on the chart sets the stop point, the second click sets the entry point. Pressing the R button again deletes the profitability marking, as well as stop and entry labels.
  • Edit - when pressed, the stop and entry labels can be edited (dragged by mouse).


  • Move_to_create_buttons - color of the text, which indicates where the buttons are to be created.
  • BUTTON_OFF - color of buttons.
  • BUTTON_ON - color of buttons in pressed state.
  • background_BUTTON - background of the buttons (by default, the same as chart background).
  • Enter_Point - color of label for the entry point.
  • Stop_Point - color of label for the stop point.
  • Target_Points - color of label for the target profit levels (profitability of the deal).
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