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Special Candles

The Special Candles indicator is designed to draw larger time frame candles on the chart. For example, you are using the M30 time frame. You want to see the H4 candles on the screen. This indicator draws the H4 candles on the chart you are using.

You will see two frames of candles on the graph screen. Let's say you are using the M30 time frame. You can display both a time frame of M30 and a time higher. Can be used in all time frames.


  • You can use it in all time frames.
  • The time frame you are using and the candles in the upper time frame.
  • For example, if you are using the M5 time frame you should choose M5 and a larger time frame.
  • You can select the chart you want with the time frame selection feature.
  • You can delete past candles with the ability to erase past candles.
  • You can choose different colors for falling candles or rising candles with the color selection feature.


  • TimeFrame - choose the time frame here.
  • ClearBackBar - this feature is set to delete past candles. If you write 100 here, you start to delete after 100 bars.
  • ColorUp - the color of the ascending candles is set here.
  • ColorDown - falling candles are made from this color setting.
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