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The indicator allows you to trade binary options. The recommended timeframe is М5 and the expiration time is 5-15 minutes. The indicator works on any currency pairs. Trading time is not limited. A possible signal is specified as a thick dot above/under a candle. You should wait until the candle closes! If the dot remains on the previous candle and the arrow appears on the new one, you can enter the trade immediately.

Arrows are not re-painted and appear only when a new candle appears!

The trading strategy is based on the correlation of the statistical parameters with higher timeframes. The current version applies the correlation between М5 and М15, М30 timeframes, as well as between М1 and М5, М15, М30 for generating signals on М1.

  • Trade sessions: any (24 hours);
  • Currency pairs: any.
  • Working timeframe: M1/M5;
  • Expiration time: 5-15 minutes.

The indicator features the tester. To show the test results, set ShowTestResults = true and specify the tester period in the indicator parameters. The indicator is designed for binary options. If a signal arrow predicts the market direction correctly, such a signal is considered profitable and marked as "Win" in the tester. Otherwise, the signal is considered to be losing and marked as "Loss". If after the expiration, the option's close and open prices are equal, such a signal is considered as a draw and marked as "Tied". The built-in tester shows the win rate and the number of profitable, losing and tied signals based on the market data of the test period.

The indicator also shows good results when using the martingale strategy - "Martingale for the next signal". The recommended number of martingale steps - 3. You can analyze the profitability of the martingale trading strategy in the tester by setting «Use Martingale = true». Set the number of martingale steps and the multiplier. The size of the bet increases after an unprofitable trade by multiplying the previous bet size by the multiplier. With successive losing trades, the increase of the bet size is limited by the martingale step (MartingaleSteps). The bet size automatically returns to the initial value if the maximum number of the martingale steps is reached.


  • AlertMessage = true/false - signal text alert;
  • AlertSound = true/false - sound alert;
  • BackgroundColorAlert = true/false - notification in the form of background highlight;
  • PushNotification = true/false - notifications about the signals to mobile terminals;
  • EmailNotification = true/false - notifications about the signals to email;
  • ShowTestResults = true/false - enable/disable the built-in tester;
  • DateFrom - initial date for the tester;
  • DateTo - final date for the tester;
  • Expiration Time = 5/10/15 minutes - signals expiration time for the tester;
  • Trade Size - rate size for calculating the balance growth of the tested period;
  • Payout Percentage - broker payout percentage for calculating the balance growth of the tested period;
  • Use Martingale = true/false - use martingale in the tester;
  • MartingaleSteps - the maximum number of martingale steps;
  • Martingale Coefficient - multiplier.
Etrader 2019.12.30 17:17 

Thank you! Stable strategy.

kenni_siu 2019.12.08 16:36 

One of the best indicator out there, I've been following this indicator on mt2iq for almost a year now and I have to say this indicator is perfect for a long term especially with autotrading, you are the best Dmitry !!!!!

Xymeca 2019.03.26 05:44 

Excelente indicador , recomendado

Jeovane Reges
Jeovane Reges 2019.01.18 22:51 

The indicator is fantastic, the best I've ever seen. Deserve a lot more than five stars. Congratulations to Dmitry Zhakov for the great work. Continue with this dedication that you will long Dmitry.

Spany90 2018.10.13 20:07 

Danke! Indikator ist sehr gut. Benutze den Indikator mit dem MT2IQ Bot.

peter_adv 2018.10.09 06:18 

O melhore indicador do mql5!! Pricinpalmente para as pessoas que querem utilizar em bots

AbdullahAldawod 2018.06.29 23:56 

Wow this is the best indicator i ever used, people who are using Mt2iq or Mt2binary don't waste you time on using "Binary Profit" use this instead. dmitry ur the best

Annatas 2018.06.28 17:08 


i have used also version 2, it's good but you receive too many signals and much more otm's also.

Version 3 gives a few signals per day with an arrow on the chart and dot also.

Signals with only an dot i ignore them always.

Sadly BinaryOptions are done in Europe from july 2018.

The trades are done over a short periode but it looks good, it are serious reversal points most of the time.

Best regards,

Texan Cowboy
Texan Cowboy 2018.06.21 07:32 

Final Review: This product went from 5 stars to 1 star in a matter of just a couple months. Unfortunately, it no longer works nor can I recommend it.

Also: I went from $9,000 to $500 using this crap because I was away on vacation not paying attention to it!

Worst ever! With the money I lost, I had to sell my car!


If you're looking for high quality signals then this is NOT it. Everything advertised is NOT what you get such as no repainting. This is horrible!

fabbry72 2018.04.05 03:03 

The best I have never seen!!!


This is fantastic indicator.... from 500€ to 9.000€

Only Amazing !!!!

Perfect after ver. 3

This is a money machine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With ver. 3 this indicator has reached a very high level of performance.

Great Dmitry....you are a genius !!!!!!!

With money earned I have already ordered a new car :-)

Today earned 3130 Euro :-) my new personal record !!!!!


Today earned almost 4.000€ :-)

and GDMFX payed me 11.000€ :-)

Thanks Dmitry

UPDATE 30.000 Euro :) it changed my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE 80.000 Euro :-) incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Version 3 is magic

five stars


TradingProFX 2018.03.22 22:58 

Good indicator. Real stuff.

Sayed Mohamed Shehab
Sayed Mohamed Shehab 2018.01.12 16:57 


The last update is very powerful update .. good job .. 7 stars

Christian Bruns
Christian Bruns 2018.01.01 12:26 

6 Stars

Is the best Indicator with an EA I've traded so far. In 9 Weeks I have made a live Account at GDMFX with 250 euros, 100% profit.

Ted NO FX 2017.12.23 00:02 

Very very bad indicator. Do not rent or buy it!!! Author recommend me to use gdmfx broker for this indicator and EA.. i requested whitdraw from gdmfx since november and i still havent got any money in my bank.. Scam broker... i think dimitry involved with gdmfx.. Do not rent or buy this crap!

Przemyslaw Szwed
Przemyslaw Szwed 2017.12.07 22:08   

use 3 of his indicators 604-500 so far. Shit.

stevenvanlie 2017.11.13 07:16 

gotabout 57% win rate using this indicator for a month, i quit

priba 2017.11.02 07:05 

I rented the EA for a month. I made no profit and lost a small amount.

But attention: I have been waiting for the transfer of my money from GDM FX (gdmfx.com) for a month now. The amount was deducted from my trading account the same day, but never transferred. I did not receive any information about this from GDM FX (gdmfx.com) support as of now.

I must warn everyone and advise against investing money with GDM FX. (gdmfx.com) At the moment GDM FX (gdmfx.com) could be a scam!

Worayut Inthawiman
Worayut Inthawiman 2017.10.20 16:03 

MI2IQ + BinarySniper = Loss :(

samuel 2017.09.26 21:21   

This indicator is a total rubbish...refund my money

Pedro Alexander Santana Santana
Pedro Alexander Santana Santana 2017.09.21 11:48 


SergeyBT 2017.09.20 22:50 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Marco 2017.09.18 10:48 

Not for this price. Sorry

Good Luck for the future

Maksim Zemskov
Maksim Zemskov 2017.09.12 00:05 

Indicator is good enough. I use it from the begining of Аugust. I can't say exactly how much profit it did from whole trading time (i have several trading systems on my acc, and dynamic lot 1% from balance), but it was profitable. Also Dmitry gave the bot for copy to binary and news filter for free.

vashim1 2017.09.11 11:04 

I bought this product. But disappointed as EURUSD less than 45%, few JPY Pairs 33%. There are better free Indicators available with better results.

MQL5 dont have refund policy. The worst product I bought from MQL store till date.

There is no option to paste screenshots here, otherwise I could have shown the truth....

Disappointed... waste of money..

jack1991 2017.09.05 11:19 

Only one word i can give you now: " PERFECT ". Appreciate your amazing product Dmitry

abusaad412 2017.08.24 21:19 

Just amazing

Charles Mady
Charles Mady 2017.08.24 07:29 

Let me just say that I have purchased and tested many indicators. After testing Binary Sniper, trading it manually on a live account and then using it on a live account with Dimitry's EA , I am astonished. The results were better than advertised. Cumulative winning percentage was just under 70%. In addition, Dimitry's support and step by step instructions were superlative. Five stars!

BOTrader17 2017.08.15 23:04 

Отличный индикатор. Лучший из всех, что я тестировал для бинарных опцион.

kowasky 2017.08.10 20:37 

In first, sorry for my bad english.


I've tryed a lot of Indicators, with no luck.

But this indicator works!

Also, I had a problem with the binary.com bot and Dmitry helped me to sort out the problem.

So, also the support is very good.

I really suggest to work with this guy and his indicator.

brzzzit 2017.08.08 12:15 

Dmitry was extremly helpful. Provided everything he can to make it smooth! Profits without martingale!!

nebor 2017.08.04 16:27 

Индикатор пока что показывает отличные результаты, будем торговать дальше и смотреть. Дмитрий помог все настроить, подсказал что и как, приятно общаться с такими людьми

wrack10 2017.07.31 15:34 

Guys don't waist your time with search indicators, strategy and many others. The system that Dmitry have is perfect to trade on long term. Dmitry have special EA for BinarySniper indicator that trade 24/24h, results are amazing, I am very pleased.

Version 4.60 2019.12.04
Fixed Filtering Bug
Version 4.50 2019.11.27
Forecast Filter Fixed
Version 4.35 2019.11.25
Fixed Buffer Overflow
Version 4.3 2019.11.25
Fixed Buffer Overflow
Version 4.2 2019.06.05
- Accuracy Improved
Version 4.1 2019.04.24
- Alert and Notifications messages fixed (added Time and Symbol)
- Accuracy Improved
Version 4.0 2019.01.09
Accuracy improved significantly. Algorithm enhanced.
Version 3.3 2018.10.31
small improvements, optimized
Version 3.2 2018.10.04
small improvements, optimized parameters
Version 3.1 2018.08.16
Added a time optimization filter switch (on/off).
Version 3.0 2018.06.20
Improved signal generation algorithm due to trend analysis.
Version 2.2 2017.11.20
Improved algorithm, more signals. Fixed real time accuracy.
Version 2.1 2017.09.28
- zero divide error in the tester is fixed
Version 1.8 2017.09.04
Fixed missing alert on arrow signal
Version 1.7 2017.08.29
BackcolorAlert fixed
Version 1.6 2017.08.22
- Added alert in the form of changing chart background color. If the signal is to buy, then the background color becomes green, and if the signal is to sell, then the background color becomes red.
- Added the function to send notifications on signals to mobile terminals which have their MetaQuotes IDs specified in the "Notifications" tab of the terminal settings.
- Added the function to send notifications on signals in the form of an email to the address specified in the Email tab of the options window.
Version 1.5 2017.08.14
Improved signal filtering model. The number of signals has increased.