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Heiken Ashi Trading System

The robot is a simple and flexible trading system. It uses Heiken-Ashi candlesticks as a design basis. The robot consists of two parts: 1) sending orders, 2) exiting orders. The details are as follows.

Sending orders:

The robot uses Heiken-Ashi candlesticks to enter buy/sell orders. If you specify a fixed stop loss level, each order is sent with a fixed stop loss level.

Exiting orders:

The robot has three exiting choices as follows:
  • Meet its target: a user sets the target level when marketing price reaches its target, trailing stop will start for the exiting. 
  • Using trailing stop to exit: When the order has some profit, a trailing stop will continue revising the stop loss of each order until the order is closed. 
  • Using a breakeven stop to exit: When the order has some profit, the breakeven stop will initialize the first stop loss of the order. 

Trailing stop calculation has two models, model 1) using FIXED level or model 2) using the second last of Low or High of Heiken Ashi candlestick.

Global-variable written trend support

Robot can support external trend by using Global-variable written from indicator in the market that supply the trend interface this way. It receives trend value from the Global-variable (if any). It sets the direction of trading using this trend received. It is the general direction of the trend (1 is positive trend, -1 is negative trend).


Set break-even stop-loss level=0 : Robot will not apply break-even stop, result there has no revision of the order stop-loss until price reach target level.

Set trail stop-loss level=0: Robot will apply the Heiken-Ashi candlestick to stop-loss value calculation.

Robot is an plug-and-play design:

It is only provide and set the risk in percent and the Robot will automatic trade volume for trade.


  • GV_External_Trend_Receiver: "MY_EXTERNAL_TREND" - mean for global-variable name of trend from indicator supplier
  • Risk_In_Percent=20.00 - mean for risk in percent to be apply for each order
  • Expect_Totals_Profit=100.00 - mean for the totals target of profit in percent of account balance
  • TakeProfit_In_PIP=200 - mean for target level in pip
  • StopLoss_In_PIP=500 - mean for stop-loss level in pip
  • BREAK_EVENT_StopLoss_In_PIP=100 - mean for break-even stop-loss level in pip
  • TRAIL_StopLoss_In_PIP=200 - mean for trail stop-loss level in pip

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Version 1.1 - 2018.03.27
1.01. Edited default preset data for easy testing.