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AO wave mini

The indicator displays the price movement in the form of a zigzag based on the AO indicator values.

If the histogram is growing, the zigzag moves upward; if the histogram is falling, the zigzag moves downward.

The indicator also displays:

  1. Support and resistance levels based on the last zigzag turning points.
  2. An uncompleted indicator movement is drawn in a different color.
  3. The indicator draws a Fibonacci grid based on the last completed zigzag movement.


  • i_show_ActiveWave - show the line if unfinished movement (true - show, false - do not show)
  • i_show_Res_Sup - show the support and resistance lines (true, false)
  • FiboFlag - show the Fibonacci grid (true, false)
  • Fibo_AsRay - show the levels of the Fibonacci grid as rays (true, false)
  • Fibo_color_up - the color of the upward Fibonacci grid
  • Fibo_color_dn- the color of the downward Fibonacci grid
  • ActiveWave_color_up - the color of the unfinished upward movement
  • ActiveWave_color_dn - the color of the unfinished downward movement
  • Resistance_color - the color of the resistance line
  • Support_color - the color of the support line
  • Fibo_style - the style of the Fibonacci grid lines
  • Fibo_width - the width of the Fibonacci grid lines
  • ActiveWave_width - the width of the unfinished movement line
  • Res_Sup_width - the width of the support and resistance lines
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