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Mini Scalping

This is a scalping 2-in-1 indicator. It calculates both trend-following and reversal combinations in the form of arrows.

The indicator is based on two simple moving averages. The calculation follows a simple equation: first moving average period is multiplied by the difference between the periods of the first and second moving averages. These data are divided by the current symbol period the indicator is installed on.

Signal activation rules

If the Show Main Trend Signal parameter is enabled, the indicator plots the line with the first moving average period. In case of an uptrend, the line is green (by default). In case of a downtrend, the line becomes red (by default).

If the Show Reverse Signal parameter is enabled, the indicator draws reversal patterns in the form of arrows. Reversal calculation is based on searching for the difference between the maximum deviation from the two moving averages. In other words, if the first maximum deviation is less than the second one, this means a buy signal (the up arrow appears). If the first maximum deviation exceeds the second one, this means a sell signal (the down arrow appears).


  • First Period Of Moving Average - first moving average period
  • Second Period Of Moving Average - second moving average period
  • Show Main Trend Signal - show/hide trend
  • Show Reverse Signal - show/hide reversal signals
  • Show Indicator Info - show/hide information about the currency pair
  • Info Corner - info display corner (Don't show info, Left upper, Right upper, Left lower, Right lower)
  • Color Of Information - where to show information
  • Font Type - font type
  • Font Size - font size
  • Use Alert - enable alerts
  • Use E-mail Notification - allow alerting by email
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