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Yet another night scalper (YANS) is an Expert Adviser (EA) that works between the end of the New York and beginning of the Asian session. YANS is optimized for the EURUSD pair. You can use it on any timeframe as the timeframes for the built-in indicators are fixed.

It is recommended to use a low spread broker and a VPS. You can start using it with $100 only.

YANS is always using stop loss and take profit values! It does not use:

  • Martingale.
  • Grid.
  • Hedge.

YANS is FIFO compatible if you set "How many positions at the same time are allowed" to 1!

For Customers

Please contact me via a private message to get help to setup the correct trading time for your broker.

There is also a WhatsApp support group.


  • TradingStartHour = 23 - start hour of operation (broker time).
  • TradingStartMinute = 30 - start minute of operation (broker time).
  • TradingEndHour = 00 - stop hour of operation (broker time).
  • TradingEndMinute = 45 - stop minute of operation (broker time).
  • MondayAM = false - trade Monday AM.
  • MondayPM = true - trade Monday PM.
  • TuesdayAM = true - trade Tuesday AM.
  • TuesdayPM = true - trade Tuesday PM.
  • WednesdayAM = true - trade Wednesday AM.
  • WednesdayPM = true - trade Wednesday PM.
  • ThursdayAM = true - trade Thursday AM.
  • ThursdayPM = true - trade Thursday PM.
  • FridayAM = true - trade Friday AM.
  • FridayPM = false - trade Friday PM.
  • MaxAllowedSpread = 15 - max allowed spread.
  • TakeProfit = 30 - take profit in points.
  • StopLoss = 200 - stop loss in points.
  • AllowSellOrders = true - allow sell orders.
  • AllowBuyOrders = true - allow buy orders.
  • AllowHedging = true - Allows buy and sell orders at the same time if the triggers fired.
  • UseStrategy_1 = true - use strategy 1.
  • UseStrategy_2 = true - use strategy 2.
  • UseStrategy_3 = true - use strategy 3.
  • UseMoneyManagement = true - use money management.
  • RiskPercent = 1 - risk % of balance for each order.
  • CustomLotSize = 0.01 - fixed lot size.
  • MaxAllowedLotsize = 100 - max allowed lot size.
  • UseSafeMode = true - use safe mode.
  • WaitAfterSL = 120 - wait n minutes after a SL was hit.
  • SkipNegativeThreeDaysSwap = true - skip negative 3-days swap.
  • MaxNumberOfConcurrentPositions = 2 - number of concurrent positions for this pair (min 1, max 3).
  • MagicNumberStrategy_1 = 11111 - magic number for strategy 1.
  • MagicNumberStrategy_2 = 111111 - magic number for strategy 2.
  • MagicNumberStrategy_3 = 1111111 - magic number for strategy 3.
  • CustomOrderComment = "YANS" - order comment.
  • UseNewsFilter = false - use the news filter.
  • NewsUpdateInterval = 240 - update news every n minutes.
  • WaitBeforeHighImpactNews = 120 - pause n minutes before high impact news.
  • WaitAfterHighImpactNews = 120 - pause n minutes after high impact news.
  • WaitBeforeMediumImpactNews = 60 - pause n minutes before medium impact news.
  • WaitAfterMediumImpactNews = 30 - pause n minutes after medium impact news.
  • WaitBeforeLowImpactNews = 0 - pause n minutes before low impact news.
  • WaitAfterLowImpactNews = 0 - pause n minutes after low impact news.
  • NewsCurrency = "EUR,USD" - currencies to check.
  • AutoOptimizeForPair = true - load optimized filter/indicator settings for the current pair.
  • CloseOpenPositionsAtBeAfterMinutes = 0 - Closes open positions when they hit break even after n minutes.
  • CloseOpenPositionsAfterMinutes = 0 - Closes open positions after n minutes.
  • UseHSPStopLoss = false - change stop loss during HSP (High Spread Phase).
  • MaxLossBeforeApplyHSPStopLoss = 100 - only change stop loss if the current loss is not bigger than n points.
  • HSPStopLoss = 500 - new stop loss during HSP.
  • HSPHour = 00 - hour of HSP (broker time!).
  • ChangeSlMinutesBeforeHSP = 2 - change stop loss to a new value n minutes before HSP.
  • ChangeSlMinutesAfterHSP = 2 - change stop loss to an old value n minutes after HSP.
  • MaxSpreadAfterHSP = 50 - change stop loss to an old value only if the average spread is (below) n points.
  • EnableRemoteSwitch = false - Enables the ability to remote disable the EA.
  • RemoteSwitchUrl = http://yans.inetseite.de/rs/yans_remote_switch.txt - URL to control the remote switch (0 = EA disabled, 1 = EA enabled).

If you have you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

kendajngo 2017.11.15 12:40 

User didn't leave any comment to the rating

Pavel Kulikov
Pavel Kulikov 2017.10.17 19:09 

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Ilnur Shakirov
Ilnur Shakirov 2017.09.29 23:43 

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Ted NO FX 2017.09.28 18:35   

Very bad best selling EA, i dont recommend this night scalper. Small profits and huge loss. It was good in beginning but after some months going all the way loss. Gladly i only rented Yanis Ea. Stopped this on my live acc now! Best regards Ted Fx

david.l 2017.09.25 05:28 

Small profit, huge lose, use it if you feel ok to lose money. Luckily its rented :| not sure how it goes to top EA.

Mark De Groot
Mark De Groot 2017.09.22 11:17 

running it for a month so far. Bad results. 60 trades won, 23 trades loss. A few SL wipe away all the profits + more so far every time.

Support and effort of author is good though.

Bart Van Herck
Bart Van Herck 2017.09.20 17:00 

Ive been using it for 2 months and its a loss for me.

Ive used it on IC Markets with a 20k+ account with LOW RISK but spread killed most of my profits in rollover.

I had stoploss when others did not have (Because it doesnt work on large accounts).

The brokers cant close you're trade and spread jumps to 20+ and bam there goes you're trade.

Well ive lost 500+ so its time for me to quit.

Dont look at backtest results because they dont calculate spreadjumps in rollover..

Also the author keeps removing setfiles without any notice because they dont work anymore,

I dont think he know very well what to use or not so he keeps remaking systems over and over to remove the bad results I think.

Goodluck for you but if you have an account of 5k+, Be warned.

Olivier Nomblot
Olivier Nomblot 2017.09.15 19:19 

Given my life s work and my long relationship with mt4, I don't often review . I

Laurent Scherer
Laurent Scherer 2017.09.14 21:08 

Hi Timo,

just wanted to thank you for your kind support even before subscribing to your EA. I think the signal is in its 4th or 5th profitable month in a row. So far I must say that it delivers on the promise. Vielen Dank für ein ehrliches Produkt!

To all potential customers,

losers are the cost of your trading business, no EA or any Investment Manager will be profitable all the time and for ever. That's a fact that most of us know and accept. YANS does exactly what it was created for.

After a week of live testing with fix lot size, by the way if you want to follow live results in addition to the signal: https://www.myfxbook.com/portfolio/lorbeerinv-yans/2250333, I can recommend to use the EA. It will most probably continue making profit until price action during the low volume market times will change. That's a risk that every trader has to address and hopefully Timo will be able to provide regular updates.

Denis Evitanto
Denis Evitanto 2017.09.14 14:55 

So far profitable using this EA.

Good support from the author (TIMO)

Having great WA Group, so i can get much support from the group & Timo.

Well done and keep up the good work...

Wei Song
Wei Song 2017.09.14 03:23 


Randy Katz:

I'm just a user

I'm just telling the truth, and if you think it's a hassle, then ignore it

I really hate the issue of interfering with signals

No integrity

Yuan Tan
Yuan Tan 2017.09.14 03:06 

The two accounts have different trading results, and checking the result is too large gap

dimonatal 2017.09.13 22:00 

Один из лучших ночных советников!!! Высокая прибыль при маленьких рисках. Спасибо, Тимо!

Yansong Sui
Yansong Sui 2017.09.12 02:47 

Well , the EA could not run at all time : it must be stopped before big events , if not , there would be only loss tradings , that just loses the meaning of EA , which is to set people free from the trading . And after renting for a week , I decide to stop using this . The profit is not stable at all . In fact , there's only a lot of loss during the week .

Tao Cai
Tao Cai 2017.08.30 10:49   


mrkaib 2017.08.25 11:35 

great support and great EA

Hualan Lu
Hualan Lu 2017.08.09 07:12 

just rent this EA one day, good trading, recommand this EA .

zfoukal 2017.07.25 20:59 

Very happy with the results so far. One of the best Nightscalpers with all the important features out there.

Version 1.71 2017.10.27
New Parameters:
- AllowHedging: Allows opening of hedged orders if trigger by the indicators/filters
- CloseOpenPositionsAtBeAfterMinutes: Closes open positions when they hit break even after n minutes
- CloseOpenPositionsAfterMinutes: Closes open positions after n minutes
- EnableRemoteSwitch: Allows me to disable trading for particular symbols in unfavorable times (elections, breaking news etc.)
Version 1.70 2017.09.21
- Optimized default filter and indicator settings

- Added new option "Load optimized filter/indicator settings for the current pair" which will set optimized values for all filters and indicators for the current pair. Currently supported pairs: EURUSD, EURAUD, GBPUSD, EURGBP and USDCHF
All others will run with default values

- Added options to move stop loss to a higher level during rollover (I call it HSP (High Spread Phase) in the EA since this depends on your broker's market time)
Version 1.62 2017.09.12
- Fixed a bug in news indicator handling
Version 1.61 2017.09.08
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the newsfilter to stop working
- Now new indicators are deleted and redrawn after news download
Version 1.6 2017.08.28
- Fixed download of news even if UseNewsfilter was set to 'false'
- Fixed a (logical) bug in the newsfilter that messed up the time of upcoming news when the terminal was running during market closing times (weekend)
Version 1.5 2017.08.17
- S/L and T/P are now set while opening the order to reduce server calls
- Updated the internal settings for some filters/indicators
Version 1.4 2017.08.08
- Fixed a bug that prevented some users from backtesting the EA
Version 1.3 2017.07.31
- Changed default value for "Trade Monday AM" to false

- Changed the money management system. The "Risk Settings for Money Management" will now calculate a lotsize that will max risk the entered value of your balance in case of a S/L.
Example: You balance is 1000$ and you set the value to 3% (default). The lotsize of EACH position will be calculated to only lose 30$ in case of a S/L.

!!! The maximum value can be 10% at the moment for your own safety !!!
!!! Don't hesitate to contact me if you need help !!!
Version 1.2 2017.07.25
- Removed the max slippage option because ECN/STP brokers don't care about it.
- Modified the "smart spreadfilter". It works better now.
- Added a news filter!
- You have to add "http://ec.forexprostools.com" to the list of allowed URLs (Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisors)
- Add the currencies you want to check in a comma seperated list, e.x. for euro and us dollar: EUR,USD (default value)
Version 1.1 2017.07.04
- Added a smart spread filter
- Added an option to wait for X minutes after a SL before opening new orders
- Changed "Stop Minute" to 59
- Added the "Sensitivity" option which influences the built in filters a bit (backtest it!)